Modesto Water Infiltration Improvements


Are you a farmer, gardener or crop grower looking for ways that aid in water infiltration improvements in Modesto, CA? You are in the right place. At EcoGEM®, we offer revolutionary soil amendment gypsum that helps in Modesto water infiltration improvements.

As drought conditions around the globe increase, water is likely to become scarce. We need proven solutions that help in Modesto water infiltration improvements while also preventing water and fertilizer runoff. That is where our gypsum soil amendments can help. Our products aid Modesto water infiltration improvements by creating micro-channels into the soil and enabling water to penetrate deeper into the root zone.

We offer:

  • Bulk gypsum for sale
  • Soil conditioner
  • Soil improver
  • Soil softener

Please get in touch with us for any additional information on how our gypsum soil amendments can aid with Modesto water infiltration improvements.

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Modesto Irrigation and Salt


Are you wondering how gypsum can help with Modesto irrigation and salt? Look no further. Modesto irrigation and salt together are severe issues that could negatively affect water use efficiency, plant growth and crop yield.

Gypsum has plenty of uses in agriculture, and it can also help in the treatment of saline soil. It helps in improving the soil structure. Our gypsum soil amendments can help with:

  • Reclamation of saline soil
  • Salt-affected soils
  • All types of soil salinity
  • Removing salt from soil

Gypsum is considered a practical application for Modesto irrigation and salt issues. To learn more about the uses of gypsum in Modesto irrigation and salt, feel free to contact us.

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Modesto Too Much Rain


After Modesto too much rain situations, the soil starts to spread out and soil structure gets depleted. Modesto too much rain can change the soil texture, water-holding capacity and pH levels. One great way to increase soil's physical and chemical properties is to add Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate or gypsum.

If you have any questions regarding the uses of gypsum in areas with too much rain, contact us. We have expert soil agronomists on staff that can help you answer your questions such as:

  • How much gypsum to add to soil
  • What is the nutrient value of gypsum fertilizer
  • What is gypsum used for in soil
  • How long does gypsum take to work

Modesto too much rain situations compact soil and lead to erosion. You can manage your lawn, garden and land by adding our gypsum soil amendments.

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