Fargo Water Infiltration Improvements


Get in touch with EcoGEM® for an effective and safe solution to bring about water infiltration improvements in your Fargo, ND land. Our company is a well-reputed supplier of organic Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate.

We supply top-grade gypsum soil conditioner to domestic and international markets. The many benefits of our product include Fargo water infiltration improvements in soil. Stop worrying about water stress leading to poor soil health and reducing crop production on your farm. Order bulk gypsum supply from us and watch significant Fargo water infiltration improvements in the soil.

Regular application of our top-grade gypsum keeps the soil suitably hydrated by enhancing its capacity for:

  • Water absorption
  • Permeability
  • Water percolation
  • Water retention

A large number of growers have benefitted by using our gypsum for Fargo water infiltration improvements. It is now time for you to do the same.

Call EcoGEM® if you want Fargo water infiltration improvements on your land!

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Fargo Irrigation and Salt


Do you have Fargo irrigation and salt content issues on your land? We can help. There are many benefits from adding our gypsum to the soil, besides water infiltration improvements. The changes brought by the application in soil structure and composition are also effective in managing the correlation of quality of Fargo irrigation and salt excess or deficiency in the soil.

There is a close association between the types of water utilized for Fargo irrigation and salt content in the land. Farm productivity is affected by both excessive and inadequate soil salinity. Application of our naturally-mined, pure gypsum modifies the soil to eliminate its Fargo irrigation and salt content problems. The effects of our soil conditioner include:

  • Salt leaching
  • Reduced sodium absorption ratio (SAR)
  • Lowered soil electrical conductivity
  • Calcium addition

Call EcoGEM® for soil amendment to fix Fargo irrigation and salt issues!

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Fargo Too Much Rain


Yet another soil health concern resolved by us for growers is that of Fargo too much rain. Experienced cultivators know that while drought conditions spell trouble for crop production, Fargo too much rain is no less of a headache.

Here are some of the problems created by Fargo too much rain for crop quality and quantity including:

  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Nutrient runoff
  • Shallow root growth
  • Fungal growth

With our agricultural grade gypsum, we are happy to offer a simple and proven solution to negate the adverse impact of Fargo too much rain.

Call EcoGEM® for gypsum products to resolve soil problems created by Fargo too much rain!

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