Fresno Soil Compaction


Soil compaction on Fresno, CA properties is a big reason for continuous drop in land fertility and productivity. Brought on generally by modern agricultural practices and industrial activities, soil compaction on a Fresno property reduces porosity of the land. This impedes the flow of nutrients and water to crop roots.

There are, obviously, very damaging outcomes from ignoring soil compaction on your Fresno farm. The good news is that there are solutions for resolving the soil compaction problem on Fresno properties, and thereafter, you can manage the soil to prevent it from compacting again.

This is where EcoGEM® comes in. We offer organic, agricultural-grade gypsum (Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate) to apply on farmlands and gardens for improving soil structure and treating these issues:

  • Ground compaction
  • Surface compaction
  • Land compaction
  • Earth compaction
  • Field compaction

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Fresno Soil Crusting


Are you struggling with soil crusting on your Fresno property? Let us help.

Soil crusting is a characteristic of land with high sodium levels. By forming a dried-up, cement-like surface layer, soil crusting on any Fresno property can create a big problem in cultivation.

Restricted water infiltration, no aeration, and tough resistance to seed emergence are the common damaging outcomes from soil crusting on Fresno properties. Naturally, this solidification of the top soil layer is a major cause of concern.

We recognize this and offer highest purity, engineered gypsum as the ideal solution to fix soil crusting problem on your Fresno property. Contact us to order a bulk supply of gypsum soil amendment or to learn more about how its application resolves these issues:

  • Soil hardening
  • Surface crusting
  • Soil crust formation
  • Ground crusting

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Fresno Soil Structure


Whether you are a grower, landscaper, or gardener, you will understand the importance of having healthy soil structure on a Fresno property. You will also know that there is no time to lose if excessive sodium has caused soil compaction and loss of soil structure on your Fresno property.

Get in touch with us right now for high-quality gypsum that can improve soil composition and restore proper soil structure on your Fresno property. This is the best way to boost plant growth or crop yield in the Fresno farm/yard as it achieves well-defined soil structure and has these qualities:

  • Lower salinity
  • Reduced toxicity
  • More nutrients
  • Better water permeability
  • Improved tillage

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