Des Moines Sustainable Agriculture


Switching to sustainable agriculture in Des Moines, IA and beyond is critical for warding-off the serious threat of food shortage that the world is facing today. Des Moines sustainable agriculture avoids the use of industrial farming techniques and chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

The objective of Des Moines sustainable agriculture is to preserve the environment while producing sufficient, nutritious food. At EcoGEM®, we are proud to promote Des Moines sustainable agriculture and help growers maintain self-sufficient farms.

We are a worldwide supplier of organic gypsum or Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate that is an excellent soil amendment. Regular application of our gypsum brings about a marked improvement in soil health, ensuring great success in these areas:

  • Sustainable farming
  • Sustainable crop production
  • Eco-friendly agriculture
  • Organic farming
  • Regenerative agriculture

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Des Moines Soil Health


Aware farmers understand the importance of protecting and maintaining Des Moines soil health. They realize that they owe it to themselves and the community to do all that can be done to ensure sustained land productivity.

Use of our agricultural gypsum is an excellent measure for improving and maintaining Des Moines soil health. Lose no time and order a bulk supply if you are serious about managing Des Moines soil health so that arable land goes not get lost in the future.

There are many ways in which our product contributes to Des Moines soil health. Its continuous applications help with these issues:

  • Stop soil crusting
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Improve soil composition
  • Strengthen soil structure
  • Increase soil fertility

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Des Moines Soil Amendment


Use of naturally mined gypsum as a Des Moines soil amendment has proven to deliver exceptional results. Farmers and gardeners have been using it for a long time toenhance soil quality.

Do not hesitate to invest in our Des Moines soil amendment gypsum for helping you practice sustainable agriculture. Whether you are stressed about falling crop yield or otherwise want to maintain land arability, our Des Moines soil amendment products are an ideal choice.

We have highly knowledgeable and experienced soil agronomists on our team for developing the Des Moines soil amendment gypsum. Our investment in top-class logistic capabilities assures you of quick, hassle-free supply of our products:

  • Organic soil enhancer
  • Gypsum soil conditioner
  • Natural soil amender
  • Effective soil additive

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