Minneapolis Golf Course and Gypsum


Are you looking for more information on how golf course and gypsum in Minneapolis, MN, are related? You are aware that greens require good soil, but you wonder where gypsum fits in. We are here to give all these answers.

We at EcoGEM® offer complete information about the relationship between each Minneapolis golf course and gypsum. As an established company, we have been offering good soil health products for turf and for managing pond scum. Here are the features of gypsum that indicate how Minneapolis golf course and gypsum are related:

  • Soil amendment
  • Soil conditioning
  • Soil remediation
  • Soil detoxification

Our Minneapolis golf course and gypsum management service helps in achieving greener, healthier and fresher turf.

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Minneapolis Managing Pond Scum


As a golf course superintendent, if you find it difficult in Minneapolis managing pond scum, consult us. Ponds on the golf course need to be clean and have high water quality. Efficient golf course water management can help solve the problem.

Rely on our assistance in Minneapolis managing pond scum as we have handled similar projects in the past. It would help if you got the pond water tested for the presence of bacteria levels first. We provide high-quality gypsum for the greens that prevents chemical runoff to the ponds, the leading cause of algae growth. In Minneapolis, managing pond scum becomes more manageable with the use of gypsum as it:

  • Prevents nutrient runoff
  • Improves water percolation
  • Enhances soil nutrient absorption
  • Minimizes crusting

Get in touch with us to learn more about how in Minneapolis, managing pond scum can be made more accessible.

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Minneapolis Greens Require Good Soil


Just like any other place, in Minneapolis, greens require good soil. When the soil is good and nutrient-rich, it can produce a high quality and quantity of turf grass. If you are looking for green and healthy golf course turf, ensure that the soil quality is excellent.

Conforming to the fact that in Minneapolis, greens require good soil, we provide top-quality gypsum. Our high-grade gypsum enhances the soil structure, which leads to the growth of greener turf. Fulfilling the need that Minneapolis greens require good soil, gypsum helps in the following ways:

  • Provides essential calcium enrichment
  • Enhances soil structure
  • Improves air and water filtration
  • Absorbs damaging salts in the soil

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