Agriculture the world over is in crisis. Tasked with feeding a population 50% larger than today by 2050 with less land and an increasing call for change in how that food is produced while battling the effects of climate change.

According to the United Nations Environmental Programme:

Shifting weather patterns threaten food production through increased unpredictability of precipitation, rising sea levels contaminate coastal freshwater reserves and increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, and a warming atmosphere aids the pole-ward spread of pests and diseases once limited to the tropic.1

The impact of climate change on soils will vary in severity by region. In agriculture, climate change can affect crop yield as changes in soil, air temperature and rainfall affect the ability of crops to reach maturity. As the climate warms, more crop irrigation may be required, but less water may be available. Increasing land degradation will occur in the form of soil erosion, desertification, and salinization. These impacts will impair the capability of soils to support the needs of agriculture.

The World Bank has been tracking the percent reduction in arable land per capita since 19612 . On average the world has lost 47% of its arable land per capita in that time. This is in part due to the world’s increasing population and in part due to land that is no longer fit for agricultural use due to such factors as desertification, erosion, contamination and urbanization. As land is lost to agriculture, each acre (or hectare) remaining must be more productive in order to feed the world’s growing population.

Global Agriculture needs Solutions! NOW!!!

EcoGEM, LLC provides “Mother Nature’s Own Technology” to heal herself…..

EcoGEM produces and distributes high quality, certified for organic use Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate (Gypsum). The EcoGEM product is a 3 in 1 Management System for Soil Health, Water, and Carbon Capture and is a perfect solution for the food and agriculture markets. We call it “Mother Nature’s Own Technology” and it provides numerous benefits that improve soil health, reduce water usage requirements, and helps capture carbon. Combined, this results in a greater crop yield3 as well as an enhanced nutritional value contained within each crop. These benefits extend to a wide range of plants, including vegetables, grains, grassland, coffee, cocoa and fruit trees, including date palms.

Crop ready for harvest

Unlike lime, the application of gypsum helps to remediate the soil without releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Since gypsum aids in plant and root growth, its use aids in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere as the organic matter content of soils is increased.

Further, because of the enhanced soil structure, water infiltration is increased 3-5 times4, thus minimizing the amount of irrigation water needed to grow your crop. Dr. Brent Rouppert has said “There is not a hectare of irrigated land that wouldn’t benefit from Gypsum”. Because the water flows more freely into your soil, it brings the nutrients from your fertilizer with it, thus reducing the amount of fertilizer you may require. And, if you get a heavy rainfall, this increased porosity will help to decrease nitrogen and phosphorus runoff with rainwater into nearby waterways5 – helping to minimize the potential for algae blooms.

Irrigation in field
Soil in Field

The application of high purity gypsum results in long-term remediation of soils, which results in enhanced crop yields and can be a critical component to help lift farmers out of subsistence farming and into market based agricultural sales.

Kazakhstan Map

EcoGEM, LLC at Work In International

World Bank Funded Livestock Project- Kazakhstan

The World Bank has announced a $500,000,000 loan to Kazakhstan to increase/improve their livestock industry ( and the project is to begin in 2021. The majority of the funding will go to farmers so they can purchase products to help increase their livestock numbers. Many areas that assist in increasing the amount of exported meat can be considered for funding by this World Bank project.

To participate in this initiative, farmers should contact their local agricultural representative to learn how to obtain funding to increase their livestock numbers. One key for increasing livestock is to increase the amount of hay and grain that a farmer can raise on their land. The use of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate is a key component to increase hay and grain production. The Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate produced by EcoGEM is certified for organic use, meaning a farmer gains all the positives related to using this product, without concerns of other, negative materials being introduced into the soil. One application of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate will aid plant growth for many years and reduces the need to add nitrogen fertilizer and also helps to capture carbon into the soil in the form of increased biomass. Farmers can use the World Bank funding to increase their herd size as well as improve the long-term conditions and health of their soils. Below are additional benefits that EcoGEM’s Calcium Sulfphate Dihydrate provides to farmers as they increase their livestock numbers:

Product Benefits

EcoGEM® Soil Enhancer contains high-quality, natural Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate among other proprietary ingredients beneficial for use in agriculture. Organic EcoGEM® Soil Enhancer is also available and is listed for use in organic agriculture by the Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI).

For more information on product benefits, click here (Products Page – Benefits) and here (Soil Health Page)


International Farming

International Farming all around the world is in a crisis. International farms are tasked with the important job of feeding a population that will be 50% larger than today by the year 2050. With less land and an increasing call for change in how food is produced, international farming needs solutions. We, at EcoGEM, take matters that affect international farming seriously like the growing population and climate change.

We produce and distribute high quality, organic certified products for international farming needs. Our world agriculture products are the perfect solution for international farms. By applying gypsum to remediate the soil, plant and root growth is increased and international farming has the solutions to the growing problem. Some key benefits our international farming customers will find when using our products includes:

  • Reduction in water usage
  • Helps capture carbon
  • Increased crop yield
  • Enhances nutritional value in each crop

Contact EcoGEM when you need international farming solutions and products.

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International Farms

International farms will find with our Soil Enhancer that it contains high quality, natural calcium sulfate dihydrate among the properity ingredients. These ingredients are beneficial when it comes to the world agriculture of soil health. One way international farms can obtain funding to increase their livestock numbers is to increase the amount of hay and grain that a farmer can raise on their land. A key component in increasing grain and hay production is by using our gypsum products that we offer international farms.

Our gypsum we have for international farms is certified for organic use. By using our gypsum for international farms, plant growth will increase and reduce the need to add nitrogen fertilizer. International farms should turn to us when they need to:

  • Decrease water run-off
  • Increase crop yield
  • Remediate soil
  • Decrease heavy metal toxicity

International farms can contact EcoGEM for their questions regarding amending soil.

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World Agriculture

Regarding world agriculture and global soil amendments, the need amongst international farming is continually increasing. We offer world agriculture organic soil amendments that can provide vigor and nutrients to your soil. These products are able to result in a considerable change to the environment of the roots. The continual need for irrigation amongst world agriculture can be reduced with the use of our soil amendments. This is due in part to the positive results of an effective increase in water-holding capacity.

Amongst world agriculture, North America, is estimated to be the largest market when it comes to the increase in consumption of organic foods. High quality soil amendment products are needed now more than ever with world agriculture in order to provide soil good health and enhance it with gypsum.

Our passion to deliver high quality products for the world agriculture is due to:

  • Changing climatic conditions
  • Soil health concerns
  • Crop demand increase
  • Demand for organic farming

Call EcoGEM today to learn more about our products we have for world agriculture.

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