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When you are searching for gypsum for sale in the Costa Mesa, CA area, you need only the best products for the best prices. Your search for high-quality Costa Mesa gypsum for sale ends with EcoGEM®. We offer premier quality gypsum for sale at honest and reasonable rates.

Our Costa Mesa gypsum for sale is certified for organic use by OMRI.

If you are struggling with soil issues, such as poor soil health, soil compaction and soil salinity, then consider the benefits of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, also known as gypsum. Our Costa Mesa gypsum for sale is an excellent product for the soil, which can help improve soil quality.

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Costa Mesa Agricultural Gypsum


Costa Mesa agricultural gypsum is an excellent source of calcium and sulfur. Plants need calcium and sulfur to grow; unfortunately, the soil is not supplying enough of these two vital nutrients.

Unlike lime, Costa Mesa agricultural gypsum has soluble calcium, which enhances soil aggregation and porosity and results in better water infiltration. Agricultural gypsum does some great things for the soil. It improves the physical and chemical properties of soil.

If you want to buy Costa Mesa agricultural gypsum, please remember that we have bulk gypsum available to be shipped to your location. No matter how much Costa Mesa agricultural gypsum you require, simply get in touch with us to place an order.

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Costa Mesa Gypsum


Costa Mesa gypsum helps soil absorb water better. It also helps to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus movement from soils to lakes, streams and other water bodies. Using Costa Mesa gypsum can revitalize and rejuvenate degraded soils.

We understand that all farmers and crop growers are concerned about soil health, plant growth and crop yield. Fortunately, Costa Mesa gypsum can help you fix soil issues. It can remediate sodic and saline soils, reduce compaction and eliminate aluminum toxicity.

Costa Mesa gypsum is a moderately soluble mineral that can improve soil porosity, improving fertilizer and water infiltration. Contact us if you have any questions regarding:

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