Las Vegas Soil Remediation


Widespread industrialization, urbanization, land development, intensification of agriculture, indifference to proper waste disposal and greed for maximizing crop yield have left behind a legacy of soil pollution globally. This is a matter of great concern because soil contamination adversely affects the:

  • The health of our ecosystems
  • Food we eat
  • Water we drink
  • Air we breathe

Contaminated soil remediation and prevention of further soil pollution should be a top priority across the world. At EcoGEM, we are committed to providing long-term solutions for contaminated soil remediation in Las Vegas, NV and beyond. We offer organic soil amendments that help farmers tackle the issue of declining yields due to poor soil quality.

Our land remediation product is effective in repairing damaged soils, reducing certain contaminants in the soil, and improving soil structure. The result is substantially increased soil fertility and healthier agricultural produce.

Las Vegas Land Remediation


Before adopting any particular land remediation measure in your Las Vegas property, it makes sense to know the various techniques that are available for contaminated soil treatment. These methods can be evaluated for meeting your land remediation needs based on the following criteria:

  • Accessibility
  • Effectiveness
  • Timeframe
  • Cost
  • Environmental impact

The all-natural OMRI-listed gypsum offered by us for contaminated soil remediation scores high on all the above-mentioned over the other common techniques such as contaminated soil removal, soil vapor extraction, microbial remediation and phytoremediation.

Our company maintains state-of-the-art logistics capabilities to ensure fast and hassle-free supply of our land remediation products not just in and around Las Vegas, but throughout the country. We also cater to international markets so that agriculturists all over the world can benefit from our superior land remediation solutions.

Las Vegas Contaminated Soil Remediation


You can expect a significant improvement in soil health and productivity through continued use of our agricultural gypsum in your farmland. While some of its effects in contaminated soil and groundwater remediation are immediate, others come to the forefront over months of its application.

The use of our organic contaminated soil remediation solution in your Las Vegas area property gives you the satisfaction of reviving the land without harming the environment. We assure you of complete peace of mind while enjoying the tremendous benefits to soil with its:

  • Cleansing and amendment
  • Conditioning
  • Fertilizing

With competitive prices for bulk gypsum supply, we make effective land remediation affordable for all.

Are you looking for a result-oriented measure for contaminated soil remediation in the Las Vegas area? EcoGEM can help. Call (303) 500-6944.

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