Fresno Soil Moisture Levels


EcoGEM® offers access to expert soil agronomists to analyze your soil moisture levels in Fresno, CA. Our purpose is to provide innovative solutions using mineral-based products that restore healthy soil moisture levels.

We can help you measure your soil moisture level to determine whether there are high concentrations of salts, aluminum, magnesium, or heavy metals. Then we sustainably balance your Fresno soil moisture levels, thus regenerating agricultural practices to feed the ever-growing population. We test Fresno soil moisture levels on organic farms to diagnose the best way to improve their crop yield. We also analyze soil moisture levels on golf courses, lawns and gardens, stadiums, and playgrounds.

Upon studying your Fresno soil moisture levels, we implement our full logistics capabilities to deliver the following:

  • Soil health improvement
  • Water usage reduction
  • Carbon capture
  • Enhanced nutrition

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Fresno Water Scarcity


Fresno water scarcity raises significant concerns about the conservation of essential ecosystem functions. As the population grows, more pressure is directed to farmers, who are facing major agricultural difficulties due to Fresno water scarcity. Developing organic strategies to tackle the challenges of water scarcity is crucial.

Fresno water scarcity implies that more efficient ways to fertilize the soil, and to reduce water usage and runoff are urgently needed. Healthy soil allows the roots to grow deeper with more access to water, which is highly advantageous in times of water scarcity.

The increasing levels of water consumption and pollution worsen the Fresno water scarcity situation. To counterattack its severe consequences, we do the following:

  • Improve soil structure
  • Enhance water infiltration
  • Reduce irrigation requirements
  • Tackle water limitations

Get EcoGEM® to be part of the solution against Fresno water scarcity.

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Fresno Water Infiltration


As arable soil and agricultural land are rapidly decreasing, it is our mission to develop Fresno water infiltration aids to return global fertile land back to production. By improving the soil structure and porosity, better water infiltration and retention is possible. Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate facilitates Fresno water infiltration and its hydraulic conductivity into the soil.

Our soil enhancer increases the soil Fresno water infiltration rates 3-5 times over non-treated soils. When water infiltration is improved, it allows for fertilizers to better penetrate the surface of the soil and nutrient residues to be held for longer in the root zone.

From small gardens to large farms, efficient Fresno water infiltration solutions make a difference:

  • Water management
  • Greenhouse gas emission control
  • Water irrigation conservation
  • Sodic soil remediation

Go sustainable with EcoGEM® and help your soil drain with improved Fresno water infiltration.

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