San Diego Agricultural Gypsum


EcoGEM, established in the year 2013, is the leading supplier of agricultural gypsum. Serving San Diego, CA and its nearby area, we have the tools, expertise and resources to meet the agricultural gypsum needs of our clients. We take great pride in our reputation for being a dependable source for top-of-the-line bulk gypsum for sale in the San Diego area.

We have a team of friendly and experienced consultants available to help you make well-informed decisions. If you have any questions regarding our bulk gypsum for sale, get in touch with us. We are dedicated to making sure your agricultural gypsum meets your:

  • Unique needs
  • Particular soil situation
  • Specific challenges

With us, you can rest easy knowing that your agricultural gypsum will be of the highest quality.

San Diego Soil Amendment Gypsum


The market has no shortage of low-quality calcium sulfate anhydrite and synthetic materials which are not ideal for agricultural use. Do not settle for just anything. You need high-quality soil amendment gypsum in San Diego - and that is just what we provide. Our soil amendment gypsum is:

  • Safe and all-natural
  • Available at best prices
  • Ready to be shipped anywhere

Our mission is to return global arable land to quality production. That is why we partner with farmers and growers to improve soil quality and increase crop yield.

Get in touch with us today to get started with the process of restoring your agricultural land with soil amendment gypsum. We have expert agronomists at your service to help you select the best suitable soil amendment gypsum for your specific needs.

San Diego Bulk Gypsum For Sale


Unfortunately, with a rapid increase in the global population, farmers and growers are facing challenges in maintaining soil quality. Fortunately, the poor soil conditions can be improved with soil amendment gypsum which can:

  • Remediate sodic soils
  • Provide vital soil nutrients
  • Increase soil water retention

Are you looking for bulk gypsum for sale in the San Diego area? We hold over 20 million tons of top-of-the-line bulk gypsum for sale. Whether you are looking for bulk gypsum for sale in particle size or pelletize, we can customize your order to ensure easy of spreadability or for application through irrigation.

Our staff members can guide you through the ordering process to ensure the best possible outcomes.

For any additional information on our agricultural gypsum for San Diego area farmers and growers, feel free to call EcoGEM at (303) 500-6944.

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