Chandler Soil Remediation


Polluted or contaminated soil is one of the biggest reasons for the alarming global problem of food shortage. Widespread use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, discharge of industrial waste on land, deforestation and seepage of sewage into the ground are some factors responsible for harmful metals, chemicals, and pathogens entering the soil.

Unless a suitable land remediation solution is adopted, soil health and fertility will continue deteriorating. At EcoGEM®, we offer contaminated soil remediation products in the Chandler, AZ area to address a number of problems such as:

  • Poor soil aggregation
  • Aluminum toxicity
  • Lead stabilization
  • High sodic and hydrocarbon levels

The organic gypsum or Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate we offer is an excellent, proven contaminated soil treatment. Its application has been found to be much more effective than other land remediation methods, including encapsulation, thermal remediation, contaminated soil removal, and soil vapor extraction. Look no further than us if you need contaminated soil remediation in your Chandler property.

Chandler Land Remediation


Are you wondering how the addition of our gypsum helps the soil on your property be free from the various pollutants that compromise its productivity? Let us explain. The land remediation product developed by us under the guidance of highly knowledgeable and experienced agronomists changes several physical as well as chemical attributes of soil to make it more fertile. Favorable outcomes of our contaminated soil remediation solution include:

  • Removal of salts and toxins
  • Blockage of nitrogen and phosphorous runoff
  • Greater permeability and water retention
  • Soil enrichment with added nutrients and minerals

The land remediation treatment in your Chandler property is likely to show some beneficial results quite soon and others over the following months. You are advised to be consistent and regular in the use of our land remediation gypsum.

Chandler Contaminated Soil Remediation


We strive to provide highly effective and efficient solutions to meet the contaminated soil remediation needs of our Chandler customers. Our company looks to forge lasting customer relationships so that a property owner who comes to us for an organic method of repairing and rejuvenating polluted soil never feels the need to explore another source for a similar product.

To achieve this objective, we assure our clients of bulk supply of contaminated soil remediation products:

  • In easily spreadable form
  • At competitive rates
  • Within the shortest time possible

We also take care to extend the most gracious and helpful customer service.

Contact EcoGEM® for effective land remediation treatment in the Chandler area. Call (303) 500-6944.