New York City Soil Compaction


Are you wondering why you are facing soil compaction issues in New York City, NY? The threat of soil compaction is greater today than in the past because of modern farming practices and the dramatic increase in the size of farm equipment, among other reasons.

We at EcoGEM®, often come across soil compaction in the New York City area being blamed for reduced crop productivity, but it is important to correctly diagnose the cause or causes of reduced crop production. Poor plant growth can be caused by a number of factors, including soil compaction in New York City.

If a soil compaction problem exists on your New York City area property, you need to develop short and long-term management practices to prevent further damage. We offer you practical ways of dealing with issues like these:

  • Ground compaction
  • Compact dirt
  • Soil hardness
  • Compacted clay

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New York City Soil Crusting


We can help you diagnose soil crusting in your area in New York City. One of the tips to identify soil crusting in New York City is by simply examining the soil surface to see if a tough soil crust has formed.

While doing a visual examination of the soil crusting in your New York City area, it may reveal a platelike, horizontal layered structure. If soil crusting in your New York City area is observed after seeding and germinating seedlings are found, then plant population can be greatly reduced.

With our expertise and experience with soil crusting in New York City we can ensure you get real time solutions to fix this issue. We offer you these services:

  • Management of soil crusting
  • Access to expert agronomists
  • Management of soil hardening
  • Relief from soil crusting

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New York City Soil Structure


The condition of soil structure on your property in New York City is pivotal to yield. When you are working with our experts in New York City, you will realize how soil structure affects plant growth.

You need to ensure your soil structure in New York City is in good condition because it influences root distribution and the ability to take in water and nutrients. Besides, a good soil structure in your New York City area will facilitate oxygen and water infiltration and can improve water storage.

Based on the type of crop, we can help you determine the best constituents to refine the soil structure on your New York City farm. We provide inputs for soils such as these

  • Soil with high water retaining capacity
  • Sandy soil
  • Columnar soil
  • Crusted soil

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