Oakland Lawn and Garden


Keeping your lawn and garden in Oakland, CA in good condition is easy when you use the right products and pursue regular maintenance. Professional garden maintenance not only involves doing the flower beds or controlling the weeds, but also involves improvement of soil.

Get in touch with EcoGEM® for any requirements of gypsum, used as a soil amendment for lawn and garden in Oakland. We are an established company and offer the best quality organic gypsum for homeowners who wish to enhance the soil structure of their lawn and garden in Oakland.

Call for our gypsum for your lawn and garden in Oakland of any of the following types:

  • Pulverized gypsum
  • Granular gypsum
  • Pelleted gypsum
  • Pulverized organic gypsum

The type and quantity of gypsum required for your garden or lawn depends on your soil condition and can be ascertained after getting a soil test done in Oakland.

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Oakland Garden Maintenance


Effective garden maintenance in Oakland not only enhances the appearance of the place but also increases its curb appeal and value. Whether you take up garden maintenance DIY or call professional gardeners for the job, you must ensure that you maintain the soil quality.

Rely on us for any requirements of gypsum for soil and garden maintenance in Oakland. As we have access to large quantities of the product, we never falter on supplying any quantity you need, enabling you to take good care of your garden.

Our organic gypsum is a part of garden maintenance in Oakland and provides these benefits:

  • Improves soil nutrients
  • Reduces soil toxicity
  • Reduces soil salinity
  • Improves soil structure

Effective garden maintenance is all about taking good care of the flowers and trees, grass and soil. You must use safe products so that the plants are not harmed in any way.

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Oakland Lawn Care


Following the right lawn care tips in Oakland can keep up the health and beauty of your lawn. You need to ensure that you have the right lawn care tools and equipment in addition to the right plant products and seeds.

Count on us when you require soil amendment products in Oakland. We have supplied our gypsum to many homeowners for lawn care in Oakland. Besides this, our organic gypsum provides these for your lawn care:

  • Lawn aeration
  • Soil crusting reduction
  • Garden soil percolation
  • Lawn conditioning

As part of your lawn care, you must mow your lawn and water it regularly to keep it hydrated in Oakland. Our organic gypsum can help your soil retain water as well.

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