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It is a sad reality that human involvement with nature has negatively impacted the health of everything around us. Even though air and noise pollution get all the attention, soil pollution is still an area that is often overlooked by most. Yes, soil contamination is a serious concern that is slowly depleting the soil health and affecting agricultural growth.

We at EcoGEM strongly believe the need for contaminated soil remediation not just in the San Jose, CA, area but everywhere around the world. This is why we have engineered high-quality agricultural gypsum that has proven to be highly effective. Our land remediation products are helpful for:

  • Improving soil structure
  • Boosting the crop yield
  • Removing toxins and salts

We are dedicated to working towards the betterment of soil health globally. Call us today to learn more about our various contaminated soil remediation solutions for your San Jose property.

San Jose Land Remediation


You must be wondering why you should opt for our agricultural grade gypsum when there are so many other options. It is because we have engineered our gypsum products:

  • After thorough research
  • Focusing on land remediation
  • For providing highest-grade and organic solutions

Whether you own a small piece of land or you are a farmer who relies on yield growth, we can help you so your land produces high yield and rich vegetation.

We supply our agricultural grade products everywhere whether you are located locally, nationally or internationally. Therefore, waste no time and get in touch with us for the best land remediation products in the San Jose area.

San Jose Contaminated Soil Remediation


Soil vapor extraction or contaminated soil removal are some of the methods people rely on for contaminated soil remediation. These are large, time-consuming ways of contaminated soil remediation. However, our products provide an efficient and cost-effective means of land remediation by providing you a bulk gypsum supply in the quantities you need.

Some of the leading causes of soil pollution are:

  • Industrial waste
  • Climate change
  • Excessive use of fertilizers
  • Urban activities

To curb soil pollution, we all should use contaminated soil remediation in San Jose and everywhere else. This is why our organic gypsum products work the best as they not only restore the soil health but also helps the plants to grow properly. When you want the best solutions and a dedicated team that is determined to fight this global crisis, call us for contaminated soil remediation solutions.

Call EcoGEM at (303) 500-6944 for the highest quality and organic land remediation products in the San Jose area.

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