Lakewood Soil Compaction


Regular maintenance of your farms is important to keep problems like soil compaction away from your Lakewood, CO fields. If you are troubled with soil compaction on your Lakewood area farms, call Eco-GEM® for the finest quality gypsum that can help prevent the problem.

When soil compaction affects your Lakewood farm, you need a permanent solution to get rid of it. Whether your farm crops have been damaged due to soil crusting or compaction, we have a solution for your farm to produce healthy crops. We never want your crop growth to be hindered due to soil compaction in the Lakewood area, so we offer the best quality organic products like these:

  • Soil conditioning gypsum
  • Natural gypsum
  • Engineered gypsum
  • OMRI certified gypsum

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Lakewood Soil Crusting


Excessive rain or water irrigation can cause soil crusting on your Lakewood farm that can damage your crops. But if you are using our engineered gypsum against soil crusting on your Lakewood farm, you can increase the crop yields of your field. Improve the soil structure of your fields by using our high-quality gypsum, Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate.

There are many crop growers facing soil crusting in the Lakewood area and are unable to find a solution, but not any more with our quality products. Our top-grade gypsum is proven to prevent soil crusting and to promote soil growth on Lakewood farms. Contact us today if you are looking for:

  • Plant growth
  • Natural fertilizer
  • Lawn care products
  • Organic crop production

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Lakewood Soil Structure


If you want to improve the soil structure of your Lakewood farm, there are numerous factors to be considered like water irrigation, nutrient level of crops, and usage of organic products. Using the right quality of gypsum plays a vital role in improving the soil structure of your Lakewood farms. As a crop grower, if you are unable to yield healthy crops, try our best-quality gypsum and we assure you that you will be able to see improved soil structure on your Lakewood farms.

Get rid of soil compaction and other soil problems with our high-quality gypsum delivered to your doorstep. The healthy soil structure of your Lakewood field will promote good quality food and fiber crops. Reach out to us for:

  • Yard fertilizer
  • Natural crop production
  • Soil conditioning gypsum
  • Natural soil fertilizer

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