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As a leader in organic, engineered agricultural and food Calcium Sulfate amendments and products, we provide:

• Access to expert soil agronomists

• Export to international markets

• Full logistics capabilities

• World class customer service and benefits


The world faces enormous challenges, agricultural land loss and water stress being few of the most alarming ones.  As population is rapidly increasing, arable soil or agricultural land is decreasing by 30 million acres each year. Malnutrition and hunger are already a factor for one third of the world’s population. 


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The market is flooded with low-quality Calcium Sulfate Anhydrite and synthetic materials not suited for agriculture use as soil amendments. EcoGEM products are allowed for crop use according to National Organic Program (NOP) regulations.  Our large supply of pure, organic Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate or gypsum amendment proves to provide tremendous benefit to plant, soil, and food.  EcoGEM products are listed by OMRI (Organic Minerals Review Institute) for use in growing organic crops and food.

EcoGEM Selenite



Organic Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (CaSO4 + 2H20 “Gypsum”)

“There is not an acre of irrigated land that does not require Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate.” 
– Brent Rouppet, PHD Soil Scientist



Areas treated with Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate or gypsum in your garden or agricultural land would require as much as 30% less irrigation water. This is largely the result of greater permeability and water integration due to improved soil structure when using gypsum. We are are international suppliers of organic Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate.


Calcium Sulfate or gypsum offers a vital source of Calcium enrichment and is a functional amendment for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products. Though an amendment instead of a classic fertilizer, its benefits run the product spectrum.


Each dollar spent by growers on gypsum can yield up to 863% in ROI. Typical yield increases after using this gypsum amendment range from approximately 80% for corn plants to around 53% for soybeans after gypsum application. Optimal structure dramatically increases plant growth and gypsum is a needed soil nutrient.


Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (gypsum) when used as a soil amendment instead of as a fertilizer increases nutrient and water infiltration and percolation in soil in bulk thereby reducing the likelihood of run off of added or natural nitrogen or phosphorous. It also decreases harmful carbon and nitrous oxide emissions by reducing the need for tillage which enables effective balance in soil of of nutrient inputs, such as NPK.


Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (gypsum) is the only known natural solution for soils high in sodium (Na) and magnesium (Mg). Such soils are common in lower rainfall parts of the world, especially where irrigation is the primary source of water. Soils with a high mineral salts demonstrate severe limitations on crop health and yields. Eco-Gem are suppliers worldwide for gypsum amendments that return soil to health.



EcoGEM®+80 Ag grade, spreadable Calcium Sulfate PRODUCT SHEET

EcoGEM®+90 Highest quality, spreadable Calcium Sulfate PRODUCT SHEET

EcoGEM®+80organic  Ag grade, spreadable Calcium Sulfate PRODUCT SHEET

EcoGEM®+90organic  Highest quality, spreadable Calcium Sulfate PRODUCT SHEET


EcoGEM®+pellet Pelletized Calcium Sulfate

EcoGEM®+compost Pelletized Calcium Sulfate + compost

EcoGEM®+zinc Pelletized Calcium Sulfate + zinc

EcoGEM®+foodgrade Foodgrade Calcium Sulfate

(Additional engineered products coming soon)


Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (gypsum) is the only known natural solution for soils high in sodium (Na) and magnesium (Mg). Such soils are common in lower rainfall parts of the world, especially when irrigation is the primary source of water. Soils with a high mineral salts demonstrate severe limitations on crop health and yields.

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Dr. Janice Jones – Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Jones has served as Managing Director of Good Earth Minerals, LLC since late 2009. During her tenure, the Company has grown to an asset value in excess of $2.5 Billion. She has assembled an experienced management team, acquired four major calcium sulfate deposits, and commenced production with the Company’s first mine. She has over 25 years of experience on Wall Street and has been featured in a number of financial publications, including Forbes. She also received the prestigious Hunter College Hall of Fame Award. For over 10 years, she served as President of Chartwell & Company, Inc., an investment banking and financial relations firm which focused on several industries, including natural resources and technology. She has also raised significant debt and equity capital for numerous growth companies. Dr. Jones received both a Masters and Ph.D. in Social Sciences from Yeshiva University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hunter College.



David Martin — Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Martin brings 25 years of operating experience in food and agriculture companies. He served as Vice President of Operations at Essentia Protein Solutions, the world’s largest producer of meat ingredients and functional proteins with production facilities in eight countries. Mr. Martin held senior positions for over 14 years with ConAgra Foods & JBS, with more than 20 production plants across 10 countries. He also served as Controller and Director of Production Scheduling for over 10 years at Tyson Foods. Mr. Martin has a demonstrated record of leadership, building teams, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving EBITDA. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from the University of Northern Iowa.



Michael Bennett – Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Bennett served as CFO for Factory Design Labs, an international digital advertising agency generating over $70 million in annual revenues. Michael was a founding financial leader of Exclusive Resorts, now the world’s largest luxury vacation club and began his career with Arthur Andersen and PwC in Silicon Valley consulting companies in the technology sector. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude, from California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo and is a CPA.



Andrew brings over 20 years of sales and marketing experience at the Vice President and Managing Director role in a wide range of industries. His experience includes nearly all forms of on-line and off-line marketing for B2B and B2C companies. Andrew has led global teams, including assignments in Europe and Asia. He spent many seasons during his youth harvesting wheat and soybeans in rural Minnesota and has since appreciated the industry and the skill and grit required to be successful. The EcoGEM products support his passion for helping farmers/growers to improve results while preserving the environment.



Tim Baringer- Director of Supply Chain and Logistics. Mr. Baringer has over 25 years of experience in the supply chain/transportation industry. He has served at all levels of logistics with such companies as IBM, SterlingCommerce, Swift & Company, Tyson Foods and Schneider National. Mr. Baringer holds a B.A. Degree from Luther College in Decorah, IA. He is a recipient of the 2013 IBM Sales Eminence Award.

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We are the leader in organic, engineered, gypsum soil amendments, gypsum micronutrients, and gypsum crop soil nutrient sources that are proven to be of tremendous benefit to plants, consumer products and food.


With a mission of returning global arable land and soil back to production by providing revolutionary gypsum mineral amendments to solve this global crisis, our gypsum amendment supply and cutting-edge science provide many positive benefits in achieving our objectives:

  • Improve soil structure by adding gypsum amendments to intensify growth of soil organisms
  • Engineered gypsum amendment to increase soil permeability and aeration to reduce water consumption
  • Engineered gypsum amendment to increase soil permeability and aeration to reduce water consumption
  • Reduce soil compaction to allow deeper root penetration
  • Increase plant growth and improve crop yield through organic gypsum amendments
  • Remove salt and toxins from soil that limit crop yields and health
  • Gypsum is a natural solution for blocking phosphorous & nitrogen runoff

Call EcoGEM® to learn more about our gypsum products. We supply for national and worldwide restoration of damaged soil to full production and to increase growth for new plant production.



Gypsum for Soil


Gypsum, also called selenite, is a micronutrient soils amendment that has been used by farmers, gardeners and consumer product manufacturers for decades. Among other things, gypsum amendments improve soils and soil structure and helps stimulate root growth.


Sadly, with a rapidly growing global population, our world is facing prodigious challenges including garden, agricultural land and soil loss. This condition can be improved and overcome in time by correcting poor soil conditions with gypsum soil amendments to remediate sodic soils, increase soil water retention and provide calcium and sulfur as a crop nutrient source.

Specifically, gypsum soil amendment provides tremendous benefits to soil properties in gardens and agricultural land by:

Loosening tightly compacted soil to improve soil structure through adding gypsum

Providing aeration and permeability

Decreasing wind erosion of soil and soil structure

We simply cannot emphasize enough the tremendous common benefits of essential gypsum soil amendment and conditioner to improve the sustainability of all irrigated soil.

Call us today to learn more about the use of gypsum soil amendments and essential crop nutrients to create a healthy soil aggregation.

Gypsum Supply


As a leading provider and exporter of pure, organic gypsum to international markets, we have an abundant supply of gypsum with which to help return global arable land back to healthy soil structure and full production.


Our capabilities as a leader in farm and food calcium sulfate products, or gypsum, include:

  • Access to expert agronomists
  • Gypsum amendment sale and export to international markets
  • Full logistics capabilities
  • World class customer service and benefits

Nature provides us with an abundant gypsum supply, the essential soil amendment and crop nutrients source necessary to improve the structure of soils.

Call EcoGEM® to learn more about the beneficial results of gypsum for soil amending, or to request information about gypsum supply and bulk prices in your location. 303-500-6944


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