Raleigh Water Infiltration Improvements


When it comes to a safe solution for making significant water infiltration improvements in Raleigh, NC farms and yards, EcoGEM® is the name to rely on.

We are a premier supplier of naturally mined Carbon Sulfate Dihydrate (gypsum). It is an organic soil amendment known for bringing about Raleigh water infiltration improvements, resolving alarming agricultural irrigation and soil health concerns.

Effective Raleigh water infiltration improvements can go a long way in boosting crop production that is threatened by water shortage. Regular application of our gypsum works on making Raleigh water infiltration improvements by changing the properties of soil to increase its capacity for the following:

  • Permeability
  • Water percolation
  • Water retention
  • Water absorption

Call EcoGEM® if you want Raleigh water infiltration improvements on your land!

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Raleigh Irrigation and Salt


Our agriculture-grade gypsum also helps resolve Raleigh irrigation and salt issues. The association of water used for irrigation and salt content in the soil has a critical impact on agriculture.

The soil is affected by Raleigh irrigation and salt problems when the water is excessively saline as well as when it has very less salt. Salt deficiency means the unavailability of minerals essential for plant growth.

Meanwhile, excessive salinity tends to:

  • Hamper nitrogen uptake
  • Cause water stress
  • Reduce plant growth
  • Lower soil fertility

The addition of our gypsum to soil helps address the Raleigh irrigation and salt imbalance issue. It alters the soil structure and composition to optimize the Raleigh irrigation and salt content relationship. Besides making water infiltration improvements in the soil, gypsum is effective in leaching the salt from it.

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Raleigh Too Much Rain


Is your crop quantity and quality suffering due to Raleigh too much rain? We can help.

As experienced growers will agree, Raleigh too much rain is as big (if not bigger) a problem as a drought condition. The damaging fallouts of Raleigh too much rain in farms includes loss of nutrients, deficiency of oxygen for the plants, growth of fungus and mold in plants and inability of roots to grow deep.

We recommend regular application of our top-grade gypsum in the soil to offset the negative impact of Raleigh too much rain. Addition of gypsum in soil:

  • Reduces phosphorous runoff in water
  • Reduces soil dispersion
  • Prevents surface sealing
  • Improves water drainage

Call EcoGEM® for gypsum products to resolve soil problems created by Raleigh too much rain!

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