Tucson Soil Remediation


Soil contamination or soil pollution has become a major challenge in threatening agricultural productivity as well as environmental health all over the world. People have grown crops continually without causing any significant harm to the land. However, soil health and fertility has become compromised in the past few decades. The reasons are our way of life and faulty agricultural practices.

Contaminated soil remediation around Tucson, AZ, needs to happen. This is where EcoGEM comes in. We offer an excellent solution for land remediation in the form of agricultural gypsum. As compared to other techniques of contaminated soil remediation such as soil vapor extraction, and contaminated soil removal, application of our gypsum is a sustainable and more economical way of restoring optimal soil:

  • Composition
  • Structure
  • Health
  • Productivity or fertility

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Tucson Land Remediation


In the absence of proper land remediation measures, more and more of arable land will become infertile and unfit for use. This is an alarming scenario in a world that is already struggling with food shortage and has one-third of its population dealing with malnutrition or hunger.

We offer our top-grade land remediation solution with the objective of:

  • Stopping the loss of arable land
  • Reclaiming degraded land
  • Increasing plant growth and crop yield

Application of our land remediation gypsum in Tucson area properties results in removing excessive salts, toxins and various contaminants from the soil. It also enriches the soil by adding essential nutrients like calcium and sulfur. The reduction of natural or added nitrogen and phosphorous is another effect of our gypsum that helps in contaminated soil treatment.

Tucson Contaminated Soil Remediation


You can find several below-par products on the market that are supposedly meant for land remediation but are not suitable for addition to agricultural soil. We are committed to providing the highest quality solutions for contaminated soil remediation to Tucson area farmers, gardeners and property owners.

That is why our company:

  • Works with highly knowledgeable soil agronomists
  • Offers pure, organic, OMRI listed Calcium Sulfate DiHydrate
  • Supplies easily spreadable agricultural grade gypsum

Our superior contaminated soil remediation products perform multiple functions, working as a soil amendment, conditioner and fertilizer to bring about a substantial improvement in fertility of the land.

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