Fresno Water Infiltration Improvements


There is a dire need for modifying soil to make water infiltration improvements in Fresno, CA, and beyond. Agriculture uses about 70% of freshwater withdrawals globally. Fresno water infiltration improvements are critically important for decreasing irrigation water consumption and reducing water stress, threatening the world population.

At EcoGEM®, we offer an excellent solution for bringing about Fresno water infiltration improvements organically. Our company supplies naturally mined gypsum or Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate for national and international markets.

Regular addition of gypsum to the soil has proven to make Fresno water infiltration improvements. The impact of this application shows as:

  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Increased soil porosity
  • Boost in soil permeability
  • Enhanced water retention by soil

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Fresno Irrigation and Salt


Application of our gypsum products to the soil also helps resolve Fresno irrigation and salt content issues. There is a significant correlation between the type of water utilized for Fresno irrigation and salt levels in the soil. This has a marked impact on crop production.

Use snowmelt runoff for Fresno irrigation and salt content on your land will get deficient so that the soil will not have adequate minerals and nutrients to encourage plant growth. Use reclaimed water from underground aquifers for Fresno irrigation and salt in your soil will be so excessive that it stunts plant growth.

We offer an ideal solution by way of our pure, natural gypsum to address the soil salinity problems. Gypsum application steadily leads to optimal soil composition by:

  • Salt leaching
  • Calcium addition
  • Lowering SAR (sodium absorption ratio)
  • Decreasing soil EC (electrical conductivity)

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Fresno Too Much Rain


As experienced growers, landscapers and gardeners will agree, Fresno too much rain is no less of a problem than water scarcity. Crop production and vegetation growth are severely hampered by issues like oxygen deficiency, nutrient runoff and fungal growth caused by Fresno too much rain situations.

We are glad to help property owners successfully address the troubles created by Fresno too much rain in their farm or yard. Gypsum addition to the soil at regular intervals checks the negative effect of Fresno too much rain.

The applications are highly effective in:

  • Controlling soil dispersion
  • Preventing nutrient deficiency
  • Improving soil drainage
  • Reducing waterlogging

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