Lakewood Gypsum


Established in 2013, EcoGEM® offers OMRI-listed agricultural selenite (aka Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate or gypsum) to clients in Lakewood, CO and beyond. We partner with farmers, growers, and consumer product manufacturers. Below are some of the advantages of choosing us for your gypsum soil amendment needs in Lakewood:

  • Excellent product quality
  • Abundant gypsum supply
  • On-time delivery

Get in touch with us to get started with the process of restoring arable lands and improving crop yields. We want our customers to know just what they are getting when they choose our gypsum soil amendment. We have created printable PDFs for each one of our products which outline the many advantages and product specifications so that you can make an informed decision.

We are also available to speak with you about your specific soil conditions and soil remediation goals to help you select the best suitable gypsum soil amendment for your land.

Lakewood Gypsum Soil


Global food scarcity is a growing problem that needs immediate and proven solutions. Over the years, arable land has seen a significant decline in both quantity and quality. Soil remediation has become a necessity. Farmers and growers need safe and trustworthy sources to improve their efficiency, effectiveness, and bottom line. We can provide a gypsum soil amendment that offers significant benefits to plant, soil, and food.

We are a leading gypsum supply company that provides you with the resources and expertise necessary to achieve your soil remediation goals.

Our features:

  • We can ship both domestically and internationally
  • We offer access to expert agronomists
  • Our prices are very competitive

So, if you need the best gypsum soil amendment in Lakewood or its surrounding areas, get in touch with us. We are committed to delivering a gypsum soil amendment of a consistent quality and quantity every single time.

Lakewood Gypsum Supply


We are a premier gypsum supply company serving Lakewood and its nearby areas. We partner with farmers and growers in helping them:

  • Enhance soil health
  • Increase crop yields
  • Improve sustainability

We have several different gypsum soil amendments. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff members can help you select and order the right product to ensure the best possible outcomes. Whether you need your gypsum supply according to particle size or pelletized, we can customize your order to suit your specific needs.

Feel free to call EcoGEM® at (303) 500-6944 for any further information or to find out the cost of gypsum supply in your Lakewood location.