Scottsdale Soil Compaction


Remediating soil compaction issues in Scottsdale, AZ is no longer a hassle. Based on your precise soil compaction problem areas in Scottsdale, we can help with easy-to-implement solutions.

When you face soil compaction in Scottsdale while gardening, you need to use expert techniques. If your soil compaction in Scottsdale is from heavy machinery, freeze-thaw cycles probably will not be enough.

With our experts from EcoGEM®, get accurate inputs on the kind of treatment, duration, and the frequency of treatment required for soil compaction in the Scottsdale area. We offer you improvement methods for the following:

  • Compaction of soil in construction
  • Road compaction
  • Gravel compaction
  • Root compaction

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Scottsdale Soil Crusting


Sometimes you might wonder how you ended up having soil crusting issues in your area of Scottsdale. We have observed that harvesting, burning, burying, or otherwise removing plant residues and mulches so as to leave the soil surface bare for an extended period of time is one of the main reasons for soil crusting in the Scottsdale area.

The earlier you can remediate the soil crusting factors on your Scottsdale property, the better. We understand that you require long term solutions for your problems of soil crusting Scottsdale.

With us, you can be sure of the most practical and cost effective solutions for soil crusting in Scottsdale. We offer you scientific time-tested strategies and interventions for the following:

  • Management of soil crusting
  • Access to expert agronomists
  • Management of soil debris
  • Solutions for soil hardening

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Scottsdale Soil Structure


You will need clarity on the soil structure in your Scottsdale area to work with it, whether for gardening or crop yields. The aspects of soil structure on your Scottsdale property includes the arrangement of the solid parts of the soil and of the pore space located between them.

With our experienced professionals, be sure to get inputs on how the soil structure in the Scottsdale area can be significantly modified through management practices and environmental changes. We provide highest purity organic gypsum to improve your soil. We have spent years assimilating best practices that increase productivity and decrease soil disruption, enhancing structural development of your soil structure in Scottsdale.

For quality enhancement of your soil structure in Scottsdale, we are one of your best bets. With us, you can fix whatever kind of soil structure problem areas you are experiencing:

  • Blocky soil structure
  • Prismatic soil structure
  • Platy soil structure
  • Soil structure and texture

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