Tucson Water Infiltration Improvements


EcoGEM® is a soil enhancer developed to promote water infiltration improvements in Tucson, AZ. The primary ingredient in this product, Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, optimizes soil health leading to major water infiltration improvements.

CSD stimulates Tucson water infiltration improvements and hydraulic conductivity into the soil. Better soil structure and porosity leads to water infiltration improvements by retaining more water. Through water infiltration improvements, roots can grow deeper with more access to water for a longer time. CSD is a bio-stimulant that maximizes water infiltration improvements and minimizes clumping, crusting and erosion.

We offer Tucson water infiltration improvements for:

  • Lawn and garden
  • Agriculture
  • Turf management
  • Food and pharma

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Tucson Irrigation and Salt


Tucson irrigation and salt go hand in hand when it comes to sustainability issues in agriculture. The imbalance between irrigation and salt is an issue for farmers because it leads to less robust plants with reduced nutrients. When the Tucson irrigation and salt levels are irregular, CSD can replace the lost calcium caused by the leaching in a low salt irrigation water environment.

Improve the ability of your soil to increase its oxygen and water holding capacity and overcome issues regarding irrigation and salt. Our product enhances the fertility of your soil and provides healthier plant growth by balancing Tucson irrigation and salt levels.

Tucson irrigation and salt is balanced by detoxifying the soil, inducing the following benefits:

  • Reserve compaction
  • Conserve irrigation water
  • Improve soil structure
  • Remediate sodic soil

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Tucson Too Much Rain


Improving the soil structure will help the land resistance in the event of Tucson too much rain or snow. Tucson too much rain can cause run-offs into the waterways of nitrogen, phosphorus, other fertilizers and in some cases, human factors. This run-off after too much rain occurs when the soil is crusted or compacted on agricultural land or gardens.

Improving water infiltration into the soil reduces the risk of land being unable to drain Tucson too much rain. In addition, too much rain can also lead to algal blooms that are harmful to the soil, the aquatic life in the water and even to humans. CSD also helps maximize water use efficiency in rain-fed systems during too much rain situations.

Tucson too much rain is no longer a challenge when you:

  • Improve water infiltration
  • Improve plant yield
  • Reduce cracking
  • Reduce crusting

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