Tri-Cities Golf Course and Gypsum


EcoGEM® is a leading company to address all your golf course and gypsum-related queries in the Tri-Cities, WA area. Our gypsum products are ideally suited for golf course fairways, greens, general agriculture, gardening, lawns, and landscape applications. It is a complex job to maintain a Tri-Cities golf course, and gypsum is an essential element that aids in the process.

Tri-Cities golf course and gypsum are vital companions because the latter can be used to reduce soil compaction, improve soil structure, increase air movement, and prevent water run-off. We provide a reliable and eco-friendly alternative for Tri-Cities golf course and gypsum requirements in the form of our unique soil enhancer.

Adoption of organic methods at a golf course and gypsum can provide many benefits, including:

  • Soil conditioning
  • Soil amendment
  • Healthier turf
  • Improved soil structure

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Tri-Cities Managing Pond Scum


If you are looking for techniques for Tri-Cities managing pond scum, then you have arrived in the right place. Pond scum is a mass of algae forming a green film on the surface of stagnant water. Tri-Cities managing pond scum is crucial as algae can lead to several negative implications.

If there is a delay in Tri-Cities managing pond scum, it can significantly change the balance of the nutrients in the water and cause the fish in the pond to die. Tri-Cities managing pond scum promptly can help prevent the biohazards that it brings along and save substantial money from being spent on a full-fledged treatment later.

We provide numerous solutions for managing pond scum, such as:

  • Gypsum which prevents erosion
  • Organic gypsum for soil
  • pH balanced soil conditioner
  • Agricultural gypsum

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Tri-Cities Greens Require Good Soil


Greens are an essential component of the golf course as well as the ecosystem that they flourish in. Considering the purpose that they fulfill, it should be no surprise that Tri-Cities greens require good soil. Tri-Cities greens require good soil rich in the microorganisms that aid in the development of these nutrients. Better greeens make a healthier golf course and a better playing experience.

Our industry-leading products entirely support the idea that Tri-Cities greens require good soil and will supply the ground with all the adequate components. In addition, Tri-Cities greens require good soil to lead to healthy turf which is better for the environment and surrounding ponds.

Greens require good soil that can be made possible with our comprehensive range of solutions, including:

  • Gypsum for soil
  • Soil conditioner
  • Soil enhancer
  • Plant nutrition

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