Colorado Springs Soil Moisture Levels


Need help with improving soil moisture levels in Colorado Springs, CO? Then get in touch with EcoGEM® to drastically improve your Colorado Springs soil moisture levels. Our top-quality organically produced gypsum products are very effective in maintaining healthy Colorado Springs soil moisture levels. Maintaining healthy soil moisture levels is the key to controlling the exchange of water and heat energy between the land surface and the atmosphere through evaporation and plant transpiration.

Whether you need to improve Colorado Springs soil moisture levels of your farm, lawns, or golf turf, our gypsum can restore your soil health.

You can get in touch to discuss your soil health problems, and we can suggest the best products that can help you with soil health.

Our gypsum for improving Colorado Springs soil moisture levels results in these improvements:

  • Deeper root growth
  • Improved soil health
  • Better crop growth
  • Better conservation of irrigation water

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Colorado Springs Water Scarcity


Colorado Springs water scarcity was inevitable given the agricultural need for freshwater reservoirs. The problem of Colorado Springs water scarcity is further aggravated as the surface waters and waterways are becoming unusable due to algae blooms in the water.

We foresaw the impending Colorado Springs water scarcity and came up with a completely organic solution that reduces water usage by up to 30% and helps fight the problem effectively. We are deeply concerned about the Colorado Springs water scarcity issue and strive to provide the best irrigation solutions that make a difference.

We are the experts in water in farming and all things about these areas:

  • Lawn and garden irrigation solutions
  • Farm irrigation solutions
  • Turf management solutions
  • Regenerative agriculture

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Colorado Springs Water Infiltration


Good soil condition is essential for the proper Colorado Springs water infiltration process. It is a must for maintaining a healthy soil ecosystem for plant or crop growth and a conducive environment for the soil organisms. Applying our Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate to your land will improve the soil structure and porosity of the soil, enhancing Colorado Springs water infiltration and minimizing excess water-nitrogen-phosphorous losses in run-offs.

Our high-quality, organically sourced and produced products have proven to improve soil quality, resulting in much enhanced Colorado Springs water infiltration conditions.

And not only does it improve Colorado Springs water infiltration, but it also helps in these areas:

  • Decreased soil acidity
  • Decreased aluminum toxicity
  • Reduced erosion
  • Reduced phosphorous run-off

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