San Jose Soil Compaction


The universal soil amendment, gypsum, has been used to fight against soil compaction on San Jose, CA farms for many years. EcoGEM® supplies the best gypsum or Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate to control problems like soil compaction on San Jose fields. There are many crop growers who have been looking for a solution for soil crusting and compaction to maximize crop yields.

If your soil is too wet, it is advised not to plow the field as soil compaction can further damage your San Jose field. You can count on us for our best quality gypsum to prevent soil compaction in San Jose. We provide numerous organic products to our customers that include:

  • Organic gypsum
  • Natural fertilizer
  • Organic growth booster
  • Plant growth products

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San Jose Soil Crusting


Soil crusting in the San Jose area is one of the major problems that crop growers are facing. If you are troubled with soil crusting on your San Jose fields, you must use our high-quality Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate. Whether you want to improve the soil structure of your field or prevent other soil diseases, our engineered gypsum is a solution to all your agricultural problems.

If you are a farmer near San Jose and soil crusting is hindering the growth of your fields, call us for a bulk supply of OMRI certified gypsum. Preventing the soil crusting on your San Jose farms, our top-grade gypsum aids seed emergence. Contact us for our products like these:

  • Yard fertilizer
  • Lawn care products
  • Soil conditioning gypsum
  • Soil growth products

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San Jose Soil Structure


Agricultural problems like poor soil structure on your San Jose farms can be improved by using best quality gypsum that we supply to our customers. If you are seeing no results after using numerous products, try our gypsum to improve the soil structure in San Jose and you will see guaranteed results.

Treating soil compaction or crusting, our gypsum is recognized by the leading agronomists for improving soil structure San Jose. Reach out to us for improving soil structure of your San Jose fields with our quality gypsum. We can help you with the following:

  • Preventing compacted soil
  • Preventing crusting of soil
  • Preventing waterlogging of soil
  • Improving water-use efficiency

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