Phoenix Gypsum


If you are looking for the best source of gypsum supply in the Phoenix, AZ area, let the search end right here! EcoGEM is a leader in organic, engineered agricultural calcium sulfate soil amendment products. We provide top-quality agricultural grade gypsum soil throughout the country and also cater to international markets.

Soil failure is a major concern in the world of agriculture. In the absence of extreme care, arable land eventually suffers from salinity and sodicity of soil. This leads to a drastic decrease in crop yield. Our gypsum soil amendments offer an excellent solution to this serious problem. The many benefits from the application of our product include:

  • Correction and prevention of soil sodicity
  • More stable soil aggregates
  • Better water penetration into the soil
  • Faster seed emergence

Get in touch with us for agricultural gypsum supply in Phoenix if you are serious about improving the health, fertility, and sustainability of your land.

Phoenix Gypsum Soil


Soil is considered by many to be a uniform, static substance. It is, actually, a complex mixture of organic particles, inorganic particles, pore spaces, soil microbes and water. The composition of soil tends to change with time due to various reasons, such as:

  • Tillage
  • Rainstorms
  • Plants pulling nutrients for growth

Our gypsum soil amendments help Phoenix area farmers manage their land well and restore the soil structure. The products are a good source of calcium as well as sulfur. The addition of our gypsum soil remediation solution results in providing these essential nutrients to plants and this, in turn, leads to a boost in their yield.

We are committed to resolving the alarming issues of water stress and arable land loss that have created a global food crisis. That is why we work hard to ensure a hassle-free gypsum supply to different parts of the world.

Phoenix Gypsum Supply


Being a service-oriented business, we want the maximum number of farmers and gardeners to benefit from our micronutrient soil amendment products. Our company has invested in top-of-the-line logistics capabilities to enable unhindered bulk gypsum supply in the national as well as international markets.

We also take care that our gypsum supply in Phoenix and beyond is done:

  • On time
  • At a fair and affordable price
  • In a friendly, stress-free manner

Let us help you make full use of the wonderful mineral source nature has provided for replenishing lost soil nutrients and remedying contaminated soil.

Call EcoGEM at (303) 500-6944 to learn more about its gypsum soil amendment product for Phoenix area property owners.