Fresno Agricultural Gypsum


A growing world population means increasing demand for food. This, in turn, calls for more crop yield. The problem is that soil health, fertility, and resilience have been steadily deteriorating over the years. Availability of adequate water for irrigation has also become a major cause of concern. The result of it all is acute food shortage, forcing a large part of global population to deal with hunger and malnutrition.

EcoGEM has stepped on the scene with a mission to resolve these issues. We supply agricultural gypsum in the Fresno, CA area to help restore the lost arable land as well as boost productivity of the existing cultivated land. Addition of our soil amendment gypsum or organic Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate to the farm results in substantial improvement in:

  • Soil structure and fertility
  • Plant health and growth
  • Food production and quality

If you are interested in using agricultural gypsum in Fresno to boost your farm produce, give us a call. We offer bulk gypsum for sale.

Fresno Soil Amendment Gypsum


There are a number of beneficial changes that addition of our soil amendment gypsum makes in the arable land. Several modern agricultural practices, extensive industrialization, rapid deforestation, and climatic disturbances are some things that have led to soil damage. Application of our agricultural gypsum is a proven method of undoing this.

The key benefits from use of our soil amendment gypsum in your Fresno property include:

  • Increased nutrients
  • Decreased density and improved tilth
  • Eliminated acidity, salinity and toxicity
  • Better permeability and reduced water usage

By enhancing vital soil properties, our agricultural gypsum goes a long way in optimizing land productivity. You can be sure of getting excellent, lasting returns from your investment in our bulk gypsum for sale.

Fresno Bulk Gypsum For Sale


The best thing about coming to us for soil amendment gypsum is that we are not content just with providing top-grade products. We are equally committed to providing the most professional services for agricultural gypsum supply.

When you contact us for bulk gypsum for sale in the Fresno area, count on us to fulfill your order:

  • Without any delay
  • At a budget-friendly price
  • Through a smooth, hassle-free process

Our company offers bulk gypsum for sale not just locally, but across the nation and even in international markets. We maintain state-of-the-art logistic capabilities to ensure seamless service to everyone who contacts us for bulk gypsum for sale.

Need soil amendment gypsum for your Fresno property? Call EcoGEM, one of the leading agricultural gypsum suppliers at (303) 500-6944.