Mesquite Gypsum and Water


Farmers have long been aware of the direct connection between the application of gypsum and water level improvement in the soil in Mesquite, NV, and elsewhere. Though the use of such an organic soil amendment was reduced after the introduction of chemical fertilizers, interest has revived in recent years.

Supporters of sustainable agriculture are turning to optimizing Mesquite gypsum and water retention in the soil to increase crop production. At EcoGEM®, we are committed to promoting the use of Mesquite gypsum and water savings by enhancing soil moisture levels. We are a supplier of top-grade agricultural gypsum.

We can help if you are interested in the application of Mesquite gypsum and water storage augmentation in soil. Contact us if your search concerns:

  • Gypsum and irrigation water
  • Irrigation and gypsum
  • Gypsum and soil water
  • Irrigation water and gypsum

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Mesquite Water Savings


Practicing Mesquite water savings without compromising farm productivity can be challenging for cultivators during a drought. Due to limited water availability, the local authorities usually introduce regulations to ensure Mesquite water savings.

Water usage is restricted for all applications, and growers must also strive for Mesquite water savings during their farming operations. Regular application of gypsum in soil is one of the most effective and safe solutions used by them for maintaining successful cultivation while making Mesquite water savings.

We are happy to be a trusted link in the region between the supply/use of agricultural gypsum and water preservation. Contact us for expert help in:

  • Irrigation water conservation
  • Conservation of water
  • Water restrictions
  • Farm water reduction

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Mesquite Soil Moisture


Are you worried about the poor Mesquite soil moisture level on your farm? Have you reached here while searching for an effective solution to the problem of reduced Mesquite soil moisture created by the drought that has hit your region?

Relax! Buy our top-quality, OMRI-listed gypsum for regular application on your farm. You can expect a marked improvement in Mesquite soil moisture soon enough. Gypsum addition prevents soil crusting, stops compaction and increases water infiltration and retention to increase Mesquite soil moisture levels.

Contact us to end your problems with:

  • Soil humidity
  • Soil water content
  • Water absorption in soil
  • Soil and water

Want to improve Mesquite soil moisture level on your farm? EcoGEM® can help!

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