Sparks Gypsum For Sale


If you are interested in buying gypsum for sale near Sparks, NV, you have come to the right place. At EcoGEM®, we have Sparks gypsum for sale that improves water infiltration and increases water holding capacity. Our Sparks gypsum for sale also enhances the physical and chemical properties of soil.

Farmers have been using gypsum to increase crop yield for centuries. Gypsum provides benefits to conventional and organic farmers alike. So, if you are looking for quality Sparks gypsum for sale, we have you covered.

We are of the top supplies of all-natural gypsum for sale. We offer the best-grade Sparks gypsum for sale for all your agricultural needs shipped right to your location.

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Sparks Agricultural Gypsum


Our Sparks agricultural gypsum is a mineral composed of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (CaSO4 2H2O). Sparks agricultural gypsum is a soil amendment that is known to repair degraded soils and improve soil structure.

Unlike lime, Sparks agricultural gypsum has soluble calcium, which allows it to move easily through the soil.

Poor soil quality is one of the primary reasons why agriculture is failing to be sustainable. Soil eventually becomes sodic and saline unless proper care and maintenance are given. Sparks agricultural gypsum is an excellent way to maintain the fertility of many types of soils over various pH ranges.

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Sparks Gypsum


Are you struggling with tightly packed clay soils? Did you know that our Sparks gypsum can help break up compacted soils? Clay soils can be an issue in many agricultural lands. This is because water and other vital nutrients tend to run off the surface instead of penetrating deep into the soil, where they can be utilized.

Sparks gypsum can help loosen tightly packed clay soils, improve porosity and allow air, water and nutrients to easily enter the soil.

The use of Sparks gypsum can boost soil fertility from added essential nutrients such as sulfur and calcium. Sparks gypsum results in improved seedling emergence and better plant growth.

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