St. Louis Sustainable Agriculture


With the environmental and food crisis that the world is facing, sustainable agriculture in St. Louis, MO and beyond is no longer an option, but a critical requirement. It is important to be able to produce enough crops to meet the global food and clothing needs without inhibiting natural resources or destroying soil health. This is possible by practicing St. Louis sustainable agriculture.

EcoGEM® recognizes this and offers top-quality, organic gypsum soil amendment to help with successful St. Louis sustainable agriculture. Applying our Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate to soil on a regular basis has proven to be effective in increasing farm yields while preventing land degradation.

Contact us if you want to switch from conventional/industrial farming to St. Louis sustainable agriculture and do your bit towards ensuring the following:

  • Surplus food production
  • Farm profitability
  • Topsoil regeneration
  • Biodiversity sustainability
  • Environment conservation
  • Ecological stability

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St. Louis Soil Health


Preservation and improvement of St. Louis soil health is the key benefit from regular use of our agricultural grade gypsum. Sustained applications of our product promote St. Louis soil health and, consequently, help with sustainable agriculture in many ways.

Addition of gypsum stops soil crusting, compaction, erosion, and loss of nitrogen as well as phosphorous. Some more of its beneficial effects on St. Louis soil health are improved water absorption, deepened root zone, and increased nutrients like calcium and sulfur.

Make us your first call for pure, OMRI-listed gypsum that enhances St. Louis soil health so that your farm has:

  • Ideal soil composition
  • Excellent soil structure
  • Minimal soil and nutrient erosion
  • Optimum land productivity
  • Sustained soil fertility

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St. Louis Soil Amendment


Inadequate measures for St. Louis soil amendment contribute significantly towards loss of arable land. As a farmer, you must take the problem of soil deterioration seriously and take effective steps for St. Louis soil amendment.

Doing so is essential not just for keeping farming viable and boosting your farm produce. You should use our gypsum for St. Louis soil amendment even for saving your community and global population from food shortage.

With us, you are assured of premium-quality St. Louis soil amendment gypsum that has been developed by leading soil agronomists and works wonderfully for these needs:

  • Soil remediation
  • Soil conditioning
  • Land remediation
  • Soil decontamination
  • Soil treatment

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