Pueblo Gypsum and Water


If you are a farmer in Pueblo, CO, who wants to know how gypsum and water conservation are related, call EcoGEM® today. Pueblo gypsum and water are directly related, as gypsum helps maintain soil moisture, improves soil health and prevents water runoffs.

Especially during this drought we face today, we need to look at Pueblo gypsum and water conservation synonymously. Call us today to secure organic agricultural gypsum. Once you use it, you will see how Pueblo gypsum and water conservation are mutually inclusive.

We offer the highest quality products such as Pueblo gypsum and water conservation soil enhancers that not only will impact effective water infiltration, but help sustain through this drought. Get in touch today to know more.

Give us a call when you need:

  • Gypsum for water conservation
  • Gypsum for drought
  • Gypsum in farming
  • Gypsum for water runoffs
  • Turf management solutions

Reach out to EcoGEM® if you want Pueblo gypsum and water solutions for smart cultivation.

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Pueblo Water Savings


Did you know that only farm irrigation currently consumes approximately 70% of our total water usage? This number is worrying, particularly during the current drought. Farmers need to switch to Pueblo water savings solutions to minimize water usage and save groundwater.

As a responsible organic agricultural company, we aim to provide farmers with the necessary tools to help in Pueblo water savings. Our affordable and organic soil enhancer not only helps Pueblo water savings, but will improve the overall quality of the yield.

Our organic gypsum for soil is essential to Pueblo water savings in farming and needs to be adopted by farmers across the nation. So if you are worried about the drought, give us a call and be ready.

Our gypsum solution is most effective for:

  • Turf management
  • Irrigation water needs
  • Farm water conservation
  • Improve soil water infiltration

Contact EcoGEM® to improve Pueblo water savings at a minimal cost.

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Pueblo Soil Moisture


Want to maintain healthy Pueblo soil moisture at your farms? Give us a call. Our gypsum soil enhancer help retains the right amount of Pueblo soil moisture which is essential to plant growth. Our organic gypsum is a trusted solution for Pueblo soil moisture maintenance and is trusted by many farmers and turf managers.

Our product makes the soil more leachable, ensuring better water retention, Pueblo soil moisture balance and crop growth. So, consider our soil health solutions for all your needs. From enhancing soil quality to preserving optimal soil moisture, our product can help with many challenges during the drought seasons.

Give us a call when you need help with:

  • Soil moisture retention
  • Agriculture soil moisture
  • Prevent soil moisture loss
  • Maintaining healthy land moisture

Get in touch with EcoGEM® if you want healthy Pueblo soil moisture levels with minimal spending.

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