Boulder Golf Course and Gypsum


If you want to maintain the grass on your Boulder, CO, golf course, and gypsum supplies are on your mind, call us at EcoGEM®. Along with maintaining soil structure, gypsum can also help with managing pond scum. Besides, since golf greens require good soil in Boulder, you will support steady growth with our product.

The reason people think about grass on the Boulder golf course and gypsum utilization together is because its use shows significant results very quickly. With the help of our Boulder golf course and gypsum products, you will be able to enjoy:

  • Soil conditioning
  • Amending the soil
  • Providing nutrients
  • Improving soil structure

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Boulder Managing Pond Scum


Muddy or algae-covered water is the last thing you want to see on a golf course, which is why for Boulder managing pond scum, you should consider the gypsum we offer. Not only does the combination of green grass on a golf course and gypsum go hand and hand, but it can also have a significant effect on water bodies in Boulder.

Since our gypsum has a neutral pH balance, it is one of the most appropriate products for Boulder managing pond scum without affecting the water’s pH levels. If you wish to inquire further about our products and how effective they are, you can get in touch with us today. When you use gypsum supplied by us for Boulder managing pond scum, it helps in the following ways:

  • Removes algae
  • Clarifies water
  • Activates sedimentation
  • Reduces soil erosion

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Boulder Greens Require Good Soil


Also, your golf course Boulder greens require good soil structure, which can be achieved by utilizing gypsum on your property. Even if this is your first time considering our golf course and gypsum products, you can learn about the correct implementation method by consulting us. Our team is always available to help customers near Boulder.

Additionally, if you would like to get estimates before investing in our products, then you can call us right away. When you do so, we will also share why golf course Boulder greens require good soil structure. You can not only consider gypsum when your golf course Boulder greens require good soil, but also for these soil issues:

  • Reducing soil crusting
  • Improving grass quality
  • Better water infiltration
  • Reducing soil cracking

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