Northport Calcium for Peanuts


Are you a farmer in the Northport, AL, area and need calcium for peanuts? The gypsum we provide at EcoGEM® provides the right amount of Northport calcium for peanuts.

It is also one of the best, most economical gypsum sources for Northport calcium for peanuts.

Our gypsum is pure form of calcium sulphate, which is a great source of Northport calcium for peanuts. Large-seeded varieties need soluble calcium for peanuts. Our agronomists can help you with the following solutions:

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Northport Gypsum and Peanuts


When applying Northport gypsum and peanuts together, you can save your crops from common problems such as pops, pod rot and black heart. Northport gypsum and peanuts in collaboration promote pod and seed development, decreasing the instance of disease.

In fact, when you go for Northport gypsum and peanuts, the quality of soil increases over time.

There is increased water permeation in the soil and crusting is reduced considerably.

Using Northport gypsum and peanuts is easy because there are no chunks or cods. Flowing freely through a spreader, the gypsum is easily applied throughout the crop area.

In addition to calcium, the gypsum you buy from us is also an excellent source of sulfur. Have any questions regarding benefits of gypsum and peanuts? Feel free to get in touch with our agronomists who will help you with:

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Northport Gypsum for Peanuts


Do not delay getting and applying Northport gypsum for peanuts at first bloom for maximum absorption. When you use Northport gypsum for peanuts, you get better yields of premium grade peanut crop. When applying Northport gypsum for peanuts, use it almost a month after planting, which puts calcium in the pegging zone.

Our Northport gypsum for peanuts is a low cost, but high quality source of soluble calcium. Need more information on gypsum for peanuts? Get in touch with these questions or more:

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