Golf Course Management

As a leading company with a mission of returning global arable land back to production, we offer gypsum (Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate) soil amendment and crop nutrients that benefit soil for turf management and golf course management programs.

We provide revolutionary calcium sulfate-based solutions and cutting- edge science that is vital to golf course management as a source for soil enrichment and achieving optimal golf course soil structure that dramatically increases grass growth.

These are proven benefits for golf course management programs provided by gypsum soil amendment and crop nutrients for enriching golf course soil:

  • Reduces water consumption by as much as 30%
  • Provides essential calcium enrichment into the soil
  • Dramatically improves plant or grass growth
  • Blocks phosphorous & nitrogen runoff
  • Only natural solution for soils high in sodium and magnesium

Call Eco-Gem® for additional information on our current and future line of products for worldwide restoration of damaged golf course soils. We offer great products for golf course management programs.

Turf Management

Use of our organic agricultural calcium sulfate products is having a significant, beneficial and proven effect as a soil amendment and crop nutrient source as part of sustainable golf turf management programs for any golf course.

Golf course management managers worldwide are seeking sound golf turf management practices to:

  • Enhance rooting
  • Improve water use efficiency and conservation on golf greens
  • Address salt-affected golf courses
  • Reduce golfc ourse phosphorous and nitrogen runoff
  • Reduce golf course utility and maintenance costs
  • Maintain functional turfgrass capabilities while being a good steward

We work closely with the highly specialized profession of turf management to help produce optimal soil structure that maintains a desirable appearance and functional capabilities, as well as fulfilling the responsibilities as good stewards of the land.

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Golf Course Soil

Improvement of golf course soil conditions are widely sought by member golf courses, focusing primarily on:

  • Improved soil structure
  • Increased nutrient levels
  • Deeper penetration of plant roots
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced utility and maintenance costs

We can fulfill all of those elements as well as others with an eco-friendly sustainable approach to improved golf course soil.

Our pure, organic calcium sulfate dihydrate, or gypsum amendment has proven to be a tremendous benefit to soil in response to major concerns of improved turf management practices and programs.

As a leader in agricultural calcium sulfate products working with expert agronomists, we provide export sales to domestic and international markets with world-class customer service and benefits.

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