Wichita Gypsum as Fertilizer


Have you been considering deploying gypsum as fertilizer at your Wichita, KS farm? EcoGEM® is a leading service provider for natural, mineral-based products that improve soil, water and environmental health. Our company is the go-to specialist in the region when it comes to availing consulting services for using Wichita gypsum as fertilizer.

We have a proven track record of helping farmers and individuals with efficacious applications of Wichita gypsum as fertilizer for enhancing their farm operations. The popularity of Wichita gypsum as fertilizer has significantly risen in recent years with the growing consumer demands for organic produce and a better understanding of sustainable agricultural practices.

We can assist you with various requirements for gypsum as fertilizer, including:

  • Eco farming
  • Soil improvement
  • Soil enrichment
  • Land remediation

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Wichita Gypsum Offsets Fertilizers


Our experts can help you understand the feasible Wichita fertilizer alternatives suited for your agricultural needs. Additives for improving the soil quality constitute a significant cost center for a farming business.

Our company can help you explore multiple cost-effective Wichita fertilizer alternatives that can save your valuable cash and benefit the land in the long run.

Our calcium sulfate dihydrate is one of the preferred Wichita fertilizer alternatives that significantly improves the physical properties and composition of the soil. Reckless deforestation, rapid urbanization, strong chemicals in pesticides and other irresponsible human activities have damaged land fertility worldwide, making quick adoption of Wichita fertilizer alternatives necessary.

We have numerous product variants that can act as fertilizer alternatives, such as:

  • Natural soil conditioner
  • CSD for soil
  • Organic soil enhancer
  • Granular gypsum

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Wichita Gypsum and Fertilizers


Wichita gypsum and fertilizers are an essential component of the overall plant nutrition plan, in addition to other soil health management practices, such as garden plant rotation, mulching and pest management. Our products in the Wichita gypsum and fertilizers domain have many properties that ultimately help the soil be more efficient and more productive.

Proper usage of Wichita gypsum and fertilizers can help cut down water usage, preserving the precious resource while also helping reduce the burden on irrigation systems. Our Wichita gypsum and fertilizers are suitable for use in various applications, such as large-scale farming operations, sports turfs, golf courses and even smaller residential or commercial lawns and gardens.

Gypsum and fertilizers can serve various vital functions, including:

  • Conserve irrigation water
  • Remediate sodic soil
  • Reduce soil cracking
  • Improve water infiltration

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