Phoenix Soil Compaction


If you have come here in search of safe and effective remedies for breaking soil compaction on your Phoenix, AZ property, breathe easy. EcoGEM® offers just what you need!

We are a leading supplier of engineered, highest purity Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate. This naturally occurring mineral gypsum is an excellent soil additive that can play a major role in resolving soil compaction Phoenix.

Order our top-grade gypsum products to improve fertility of your land in Phoenix that is suffering now because of soil compaction and soil crusting. Its application works best in arid soils with high salt content. The calcium reacts with sodium to break soil particles and remedy the soil compaction issue on your Phoenix property.

Reap the benefits of improved soil structure of your land by placing an order with us for the supply of our products:

  • Gypsum for compacted soil
  • Agricultural gypsum
  • Soil remediation gypsum
  • Gypsum for soil improvement

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Phoenix Soil Crusting


Our gypsum also helps address the problem of soil crusting Phoenix. This refers to the thin layer of tough and dense material that often forms on the top of the ground. Soil crusting Phoenix is mostly seen in the land that has excessive sodium and/or magnesium.

Rain impact on soil also causes crusting. With much more soil compaction near the surface than deeper in the ground, soil crusting Phoenix hampers seed germination. Crop growth is also thwarted with poor air flow to the roots due to soil crusting on the land.

Contact us if you are struggling with soil crusting Phoenix. Learn how to solve these problems:

  • Soil hardening
  • Crusted ground
  • Soil crust formation
  • Surface crusting

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Phoenix Soil Structure


The soil structure on your Phoenix property is a crucial element of crop growing conditions. Along with having access to adequate sun, water, and nutrients, it is imperative that soil structure and composition on the Phoenix land be ideal for healthy plant growth.

We appreciate that people cannot depend on Nature for maintaining good soil structure in their Phoenix farmlands and grounds. So we supply gypsum throughout Phoenix for amending and improving soil structure. Enrich your soil with our gypsum and improve its qualities such as these:

  • Tillage
  • Water absorption
  • Salinity and acidity balance
  • Productivity

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