Columbia Gypsum as Fertilizer


If you plan to use naturally mined gypsum as fertilizer in your Columbia, SC property, EcoGEM® can help. Our company is the leading supplier of organic calcium sulfate dihydrate to the national and international markets. As such, we are the experts to turn to when you decide to adopt Columbia gypsum as fertilizer alternatives.

We serve a diverse clientele and are happy to facilitate the use of Columbia gypsum as fertilizer by crop growers, landscapers and gardeners. Contact us if you are among the aware professionals or property owners who realize the importance of switching to natural gypsum and fertilizers from chemical ones.

Our company offers you the use of top-grade Columbia gypsum as fertilizer. Talk to our experts to learn more about our:

  • Agriculture grade gypsum
  • Organic gypsum for soil
  • Natural gypsum
  • Gypsum soil amendment

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Columbia Gypsum Offsets Fertilizers


There is no denying the dire need for adopting Columbia fertilizer alternatives that are safe to use in every way. The more commonly used chemical fertilizers tend to have an adverse impact on the land, human health and environment.

Columbia fertilizer alternatives are getting more popular with increasing awareness of the damaging effects of the chemical products in the form of land degradation, contamination of local water bodies and more.

We are glad to help fulfill the demand for Columbia fertilizer alternatives. The OMRI-listed gypsum out on the market by us is one of the finest Columbia fertilizer alternatives. Repeated applications of gypsum as fertilizer have proven to bring about considerable improvements in:

  • Soil health
  • Land fertility
  • Plant nutrition
  • Crop yield

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Columbia Gypsum and Fertilizers


Our company strongly advocates the use of natural Columbia gypsum and fertilizers that contribute towards thriving regenerative agriculture. We believe that Columbia gypsum and fertilizers should not just nourish the soil for the current cultivation, but also preserve it for continued use.

There are several beneficial changes that the regular addition of organic Columbia gypsum and fertilizers can bring about in the land. These include:

  • Improved soil structure
  • Better soil composition
  • Increased soil permeability
  • Lower soil toxicity
  • Reduced soil salinity

We eagerly cater to everybody on the lookout for Columbia gypsum and fertilizers that heal the soil even while increasing its fecundity. We look forward to serving you as well.

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