Lexington Sodic and Sandy Soil


If you are dealing with sodic and sandy soil in Lexington, KY or its nearby area, we can provide you with the solutions that you are searching for. EcoGEM® is proud to offer top quality gypsum that can help repair Lexington sodic and sandy soil. Gypsum is known to enhance the physical and chemical properties of sodic and sandy soil.

We provide:

  • Gypsum for clay soil
  • Conditioning for soil
  • Soil compaction solutions
  • Best soil softener

Are you wondering if you can benefit from Lexington gypsum and organic farming? From conventional to organic farmers, everyone can benefit from using gypsum to remediate Lexington sodic and sandy soil.

If you want to enjoy the advantages of using gypsum in fixing Lexington sodic and sandy soil, contact us.

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Lexington Gypsum and Organic Farming


Many organic farmers wonder whether or not Lexington gypsum and organic farming are linked? The short answer is a resounding yes. Organic farmers are consistently looking for ways to fix Lexington sodic and sandy soil, enhance water penetration, and enjoy greater crop yields. One of the proven ways to achieve these is by using our Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate or gypsum.

Gypsum is a great solution for:

  • Pure organic farming
  • Economical organic farming
  • Integrated organic farming
  • Organic agriculture

For any additional information on the link between Lexington gypsum and organic farming, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable and experienced team. We also have professional soil agronomists on staff who would be more than happy to answer any queries regarding Lexington gypsum and organic farming.

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Lexington Soil Remediation


Are you struggling with damaged soil? Are you looking for Lexington soil remediation solutions? Look no further. Our all-natural Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate or gypsum is an excellent product for achieving your Lexington soil remediation goals.

We offer:

  • Bulk gypsum for sale
  • Gypsum soil amendments
  • Soil improver and soil conditioner
  • Gypsum for contaminated soil remediation

There is no need to worry whether or not gypsum and organic farming fit together. Our gypsum is certified for organic use by OMRI. It can help organic farmers with Lexington soil remediation while helping them meet the organic requirements for their crops.

Using our Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate or gypsum can deliver significant Lexington soil remediation results. We are looking forward to helping you improve soil health and structure with our high-quality, extremely pure Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate products.

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