Merced Soil Moisture Levels


Are you worried about reduced soil moisture levels on your Merced, CA property? Are you looking for an organic solution to improve the water infiltration capacity of the soil in your farm or garden? Relax! You have come to the right place.

EcoGEM® is a supplier of natural Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (gypsum) to the national and international markets. Our naturally mined gypsum is an excellent soil additive. The many beneficial effects of using it include an increase in the Merced soil moisture levels.

Water scarcity is a severe problem troubling agriculturalists all over the world. A proven product for improving Merced soil moisture levels can be a big help in tackling it. Contact us today if insufficient Merced soil moisture levels in your property are adversely affecting these areas:

  • Soil health
  • Soil fertility
  • Farm productivity
  • Soil regeneration

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Merced Water Scarcity


Countering Merced water scarcity is a matter of grave concern. Considering the rate at which Merced water scarcity is growing, people maysoon not have enough water for irrigation. Agriculture and energy production will naturally suffer due to water shortage.

Better soil can go a long way in reducing the impact of Merced water scarcity. That is where we come in. Application of our gypsum in the farm/yard can boost soil moisture levels and help manage the Merced water scarcity issue.

Indeed, we take pride in doing our bit towards dealing effectively with these issues:

  • Global water crisis
  • Shortage of water
  • Irrigation water insecurity
  • Global water stress

Call EcoGEM® for lasting solutions to Merced water scarcity issues in farming!

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Merced Water Infiltration


Proper Merced water infiltration into the soil makes the land conducive to growing crops, flowers, turf, and grass. Another priceless benefit of good Merced water infiltration in the soil is optimum utilization of the limited irrigation water resources.

Over the years, there has been an excessive deterioration of soil due to industrialized agricultural methods, urbanization, deforestation, land and water pollution, etc. It has weakened the Merced water infiltration properties of soil.

Let us help you correct the soil structure and composition on your property to increase its capacity for Merced water infiltration. Order gypsum supply from us today to boost the following:

  • Water penetration in soil
  • Water absorption by soil
  • Water retention by soil
  • Soil permeability

Call EcoGEM® for gypsum to increase Merced water infiltration in the soil!

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