Provo Agricultural Gypsum


Robust, fertile soil is a must for producing bountiful and nutritious crops. For centuries, soil has received all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and productive from Mother Nature. However, soil quality has deteriorated alarmingly ever since ecological balances started becoming disturbed by rapid industrialization, deforestation, urbanization and modern agricultural practices.

EcoGEM offers agricultural gypsum in the Provo, UT area, as a solution for amending the deficiencies in the soil. Adding our product to the soil brings about an improvement in its:

  • Composition
  • Structure
  • Health
  • Fertility

Our soil amendment gypsum plays multiple roles in changing the physical and chemical properties of soil for the better. The all-natural agricultural gypsum supplied by us provides calcium and sulfur in a soluble form that is easily absorbed by the soil. Application of our agricultural gypsum in any Provo property promotes soil aggregation and reduces erosion of nutrient-rich topsoil.

Provo Soil Amendment Gypsum


The chemical properties improved after application of our soil amendment gypsum include mitigation of aluminum toxicity and subsoil acidity. This increases water infiltration and retention rates, along with promoting deep rooting. Reduced surface crust formation and better seedling emergence are other beneficial factors from the addition of our agricultural grade gypsum.

We offer bulk gypsum for sale to facilitate its continued application that leads to lasting improvements in soil quality. Do not think twice about opting for our soil amendment gypsum if your Provo area farm has consistently shown a drop in crop yield and quality. Our agricultural gypsum is:

  • Pure and organic
  • Eco-safe
  • Available in easily spreadable form

We provide bulk gypsum for sale to fulfill diverse applications. Our soil amendment gypsum is also a good solution for reviving your lackluster lawn and garden.

Provo Bulk Gypsum For Sale


The changes and enhancements in soil initiated by the addition of our agricultural gypsum happen over time. While some effects of soil amendment gypsum are immediate, others benefits appear gradually. That is why we offer bulk gypsum for sale to Provo area residents.

Getting a large amount of gypsum supply frees you from the headache of searching for agricultural gypsum suppliers time and again. Taking up our option of bulk gypsum for sale also brings you the advantage of cost-effective pricing. Through bulk gypsum for sale, we assure you of consistent use of a soil amendment, conditioner and fertilizer with:

  • Top-grade ingredients
  • Proven results
  • OMRI listing for organic use

Contact us to know about our bulk gypsum supply and prices.

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