DeLand Sodic and Sandy Soil


EcoGEM® is a trusted provider of effective and safe methods of treating sodic and sandy soil at your DeLand, FL farm. Our company is a leading global supplier of pure, OMRI-listed gypsum (Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate) that is a proven facilitator for soil remediation to make DeLand sodic and sandy soil fit for farming activities.

Usage of the Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate changes the structure, composition, and health of DeLand sodic and sandy soil which helps in boosting the farm production. Through our services, we not only help you to fix DeLand sodic and sandy soil but also to refurbish the overall health of the land under cultivation.

Our product range is made up of various remedial solutions for sodic and sandy soil such as:

  • Gypsum soil conditioner
  • Agricultural gypsum
  • Mined, organic gypsum
  • Natural soil amendment

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DeLand Gypsum and Organic Farming


DeLand gypsum and organic farming techniques are the most feasible methods to fix the land that has been rendered unproductive due to excessive usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. DeLand gypsum and organic farming methods are a must to prevent the negative impacts of the modern farming methods in the long-term.

Also, to solve the global food shortage crisis, the farming industry must look toward boosting the crop yield through DeLand gypsum and organic farming. Our company delivers high quality DeLand gypsum, and organic farming supporters find it extremely effective.

Through our gypsum and organic farming assistance, you can fulfill several needs for the soil on your farm including these:

  • Protect from soil erosion
  • Improve soil structure
  • Restore soil moisture
  • Enhance land fertility

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DeLand Soil Remediation


Land is a finite and fragile resource, and consistent DeLand soil remediation is necessary to enhance its longevity. Our DeLand soil remediation products enrich the soil with essential nutrients, calcium and sulfur, while correcting issues like inadequate soil moisture, excessive sodium in soil, and soil crusting.

Gypsum is the top choice for DeLand soil remediation among the aware and responsible cultivators who opt for organic farming. Our company offers affordable DeLand soil remediation services to help you increase the output, protect your equipment from damages, and maximize the overall returns from your farmland.

We supply soil remediation products for various types of soils such as these:

  • Sandy clay soil
  • Sandy loam soil
  • Saline sodic soil
  • Silty loam soil

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