Lubbock Golf Course and Gypsum


Golf course and gypsum application on Lubbock, TX putting greens go hand-in-hand! At EcoGEM®, we know this and offer organic Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (gypsum) for keeping golf greens, fairways, tee boxes, and ponds well-maintained.

The association of Lubbock golf course and gypsum usage lies in the fact that regular use of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate brings about a marked improvement in soil structure, composition, health, and fertility.

Do you believe that your golf greens require good soil? Do you want to benefit from the direct relationship between maintenance of the Lubbock golf course and gypsum usage? We provide these solutions:

  • Agricultural grade gypsum
  • Gypsum soil conditioner
  • Organic gypsum for golf greens
  • Gypsum for golf course applications

Another way in which the association of the management of Lubbock golf course and gypsum application helps you is in managing pond scum.

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Lubbock Managing Pond Scum


You cannot neglect Lubbock managing pond scum. After all, a clean, fresh-smelling pond enhances the golf course aesthetics.

This is where the close interrelationship between maintenance of golf course and gypsum application comes into play!

Try applying our gypsum on your golf course if you are experiencing problems in Lubbock managing pond scum. Gypsum addition to the soil reduces the nutrients leaching into the water and helps in Lubbock managing pond scum.

Forget all your worries about Lubbock managing pond scum. Talk to our experts to learn how our OMRI-listed gypsum can help in these areas:

  • Pond algae management
  • Golf course pond maintenance
  • Pond scum management
  • Controlling pond algae

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Lubbock Greens Require Good Soil


It is no secret that Lubbock greens require good soil. Poor soil health is the primary reason for the failure of robust turf growth on any golf course.

Meanwhile, aware groundskeepers and landscapers know how effective gypsum application is in boosting soil fertility. Therefore, they switch to gypsum usage whenever Lubbock greens require good soil.

We are happy to help the golf course managers or groundskeepers whose Lubbock greens require good soil. A leading supplier of gypsum to national and international markets, we offer top-notch products.

Contact us today if your Lubbock greens require good soil, and you need an effective solution for the following:

  • Golf course soil amendment
  • Golf green maintenance
  • Putting greens maintenance
  • Soil treatment for golf course grass

Call EcoGEM® if you want to buy gypsum soil amendment because your Lubbock greens require good soil!

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