Long Beach Soil Remediation


Soil degradation generally occurs due to human-induced activities, such as farming, accidental spills, mining, logging and more. Soils can also degrade due to water level and landscape changes. Soil degradation renders land as unproductive. Fortunately, contaminated soil remediation is possible in the Long Beach, CA area. Contaminated remediation takes:

  • Strategy
  • Efforts
  • Resources

We can help you meet your land remediation goals. Did you know that gypsum is known as one of the best soil amendments?

At EcoGEM, we offer pure, organic calcium sulfate dihydrate or gypsum that provides tremendous benefit to those looking for contaminated soil remediation in Long Beach. Using gypsum, farmers and growers can effectively remediate and revitalize the soil.

Long Beach Land Remediation


Land remediation is the process of reducing contaminants in the soil to levels that make soil ideal for reuse. Some of the removed contaminants can be:

  • Heavy metals
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Salts

The process of land remediation is a great way to restore a site to its productive state without any risk to humans, the environment or any other organisms on the planet.

Are you looking for land remediation solutions in Long Beach or its nearby area? Gypsum plays a major role in land remediation. It improves the soil structure. Gypsum is also a great choice for reducing salts and brine levels which can impact soils by dispersing soil particles.

Long Beach Contaminated Soil Remediation


An increase in the world population has led to a decrease in agricultural land and quality farmable soil. Many farmers are finding it challenging to improve soil quality and increase crop yields. Contaminated soil remediation has become a necessity. Gypsum is an excellent solution for contaminated soil remediation. Application of gypsum can benefit everyone including:

  • Commercial farmers
  • Organic growers
  • Consumer product manufacturers

We are your ally in contaminated soil remediation. Serving Long Beach and its nearby area, our gypsum soil amendments are designed to improve soil quality and increase crop yields. Our gypsum soil amendments are safe, natural, and provide long-term benefits.

It is our mission to return global arable land to quality production. We are here to provide farmers and growers with the resources needed for contaminated soil remediation. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is available to help you select the best suitable soil amendments for your particular soil situation. We look forward to working with you.

Feel free to call EcoGEM at (303) 500-6944 if you have any questions regarding our land remediation solutions for Long Beach area farmers and growers.

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