NRCS Approved Practice

NRCS Approved Best Practice

Farmers today are expected to feed an exponentially growing number of people across the world. They are expected to do so with fewer resources and more scrutiny as concerns over climate change and the environment drive change across the entire value chain, from the farm to the fork. The move towards regenerative agriculture is real, and in many cases, adds an additional layer of uncertainty and cost to an already complex operation on the farm.

EcoGEM Soil Enhancer not only provides direct returns back to the farm in terms of increased soil health, better water management, and carbon capture/greenhouse gas mitigation – but can also qualify to put dollars back in the pockets of American farmers as a reimbursable Conservation Standard Practice (CSP) from the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS).

As part of the Farm Bill, the NRCS provides financial and technical services to American farmers through an established list of best management practices or Conservation Practice Standards (CPS). EcoGEM Soil enhancer is proud to be recognized under the Amending Soil Properties with Gypsum Products (Ac is 333) Conservation Practice Standard and is directly REIMBURSABLE in many states. In addition, EcoGEM Soil Enhancer is also a best practice in CPS Salinic and Salty Soil Management (Ac is CPS-610-1), although no reimbursement money is currently being offered in this practice.

For more information on your individual state reimbursement, contact your local NRCS here.


NRCS Approved Practice


The National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) provides financial and technical services to farmers across America through an established list of best management practices. We, at EcoGEM provide NRCS approved practice through using gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate) products to change the physical and/or chemical properties of soil. We are proud to say that our EcoGEM Soil Enhancer is recognized under the Conservative Practice Standard for Amending Soil Properties with Gypsum Products (Ac is 333).

We recognize that farmers today feed a growing number of people across the world. As concerns with climate change and the environment continue to drive change across the farming industry, we know that there needs to be NRCS solutions.

We use this NRCS approved practice of our calcium sulfate products to accomplish the following purposes:

  • Improve water infiltration
  • Reduce subsoil aluminum toxicity
  • Improve habitat for soil organisms
  • Reduce dissolved phosphorus

To learn more about our NRCS approved practice options and how you can qualify for a reimbursement from your local NRCS, get in touch with EcoGEM today!

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NRCS Approval


We provide the NRCS approval practice of using gypsum as an amendment for soil. Amending soil properties with gypsum NRCS approval products has multiple purposes. These purposes include improving the health of soil and increasing the infiltration of the soil. When you use our NRCS approval products, the surface water quality is improved by reducing dissolved phosphorus concentrations in the surface and subsurface drainage.

You will see improvement in the water quality by reducing the potential for pathogens and other contaminants when you apply our NRCS approval gypsum products to your soil. Our NRCS approval gypsum product contains calcium and sulfur. Gypsum can improve the physical properties of soil, particularly those that have a high content of clay. The calcium found in our NRCS solutions helps to build soil aggregates and creates spaces within the soil profile.

Come to us for NRCS approval products when you are searching for:

  • NRCS approved practice
  • Regenerative agriculture solutions
  • NRCS solutions
  • Quality soil management

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NRCS Solutions


Our NCRS solutions include reducing subsoil aluminum toxicity, reducing dissolved phosphorus in surface and ground water, improving soil aggregate stability and improving water infiltration. This NRCS approved practice applies to where land application of our gypsum product is used to alter the physical and/or the chemical characteristics of soil.

When you use our NRCS solutions, you aggregate or clump soil particles that prevent dispersion of soil particles. This allows for reduction of surface crust formation and promotes seedling emergence. There are so many benefits when it comes to the NRCS solutions that we provide.

Our NRCS solutions of gypsum works as a flocculating agent. This improves structure by:

  • Reducing erosion losses
  • Increasing water infiltration rates
  • Reducing crust formation
  • Promoting seedling emergence

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