Provo Soil Remediation


Just like human health, soil health also deteriorates over time. Topsoil erosion, excessive use of chemical fertilizers, land pollution due to the discharge of industrial waste and seepage of sewage into the ground are the key reasons for contaminated soil. The result is increased barrenness and decreased growth of vegetation.

This is where EcoGEM comes in. We are a leading supplier of engineered land remediation and amendment products for four Provo, UT area property. Property owners throughout the community, state and country can contact us to buy organic agricultural gypsum. Also called calcium sulfate dihydrate, our product helps in land remediation by:

  • Improving soil structure
  • Increasing water infiltration and drainage in the soil
  • Decreasing soil acidity and aluminum toxicity

Proper contaminated soil remediation measures are critically important to restore the fertility of the land. Our contaminated soil remediation solution assures Provo residents of much faster and more effective results than alternatives like soil vapor extraction, thermal remediation, and contaminated soil removal.

Provo Land Remediation


Stop fretting if you too have damaged soil on your property. We are here to help. Place a call to discuss your land condition with our experts and learn about the land remediation measure offered by us to resolve your problem.

We cater to all types of requirements for contaminated soil treatment. The proprietary blend organic gypsum offered by us for land remediation in the Provo area is suitable for diverse applications, including:

  • Golf course turf management
  • Lawn and garden maintenance
  • Agricultural land improvement

Our company is committed to providing long-term solutions for contaminated soil remediation. We do not believe in band-aid treatment that brings about only partial or temporary respite.

Provo Contaminated Soil Remediation


Highly knowledgeable and experienced soil agronomists have developed our land remediation product. It does not contain any synthetic material that is not suitable for use as a soil amendment. Unlike the many low-quality products that flood the market, our contaminated soil remediation solution provides visible benefits to soil, plant and crop.

Whether you are a gardener or farmer, look no further than us for the finest contaminated soil remediation product in the Provo area. We would be happy to help revive your land or soil so that it enjoys:

  • Excellent structure and health
  • Optimum fertility
  • Maximum productivity

With a well-developed logistics network, we assure you of a quick and hassle-free gypsum supply for contaminated soil remediation.

Call (303) 500-6944 for more details about how EcoGEM can help with land remediation in your Provo area property.