Fresno Gypsum For Soil


Are you looking for quality gypsum for soil enhancement near Fresno, CA? Then contact EcoGEM® to get the best Fresno gypsum for soil at discounted rates. We are the go-to company supplying high-grade, organic Fresno gypsum for soil for the local region.

Our gypsum has helped many customers improve the ability of their soil to prevent over saturation due to the reaction of high sodium, swelling clay and excess water.

After applying our Fresno gypsum for soil, you will notice water penetrating down to deeper regions of the farm soil easily, promoting better crop growth. Also, our Fresno gypsum for soil amendment provides sufficient doses of calcium and sulfur, improving your yield.

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Fresno Gypsum For Agriculture


Farmers who use our Fresno gypsum for agriculture have been coming back to us for more of our 100 percent organic product. Applying Fresno gypsum for agriculture purposes is not something new.

For ages, it has been well known to local farmers that using Fresno gypsum for agriculture provides a soluble source of essential plant nutrients, such as calcium and sulfur, and improves overall plant growth too.

We may not have discovered the use of Fresno gypsum for agriculture, but we have revolutionized it with our unique sourcing techniques and practices.

With us, you can rest assured that you get the most value for your money and the quick results.

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Fresno Gypsum In Agriculture


Did you know that unsustainable agriculture practices are one of the primary contributors to poor water quality, with phosphorus run-off being the most concerning one? Fresno gypsum in agriculture aids the retention of phosphorus and other nutrients in agriculture crops.

Using Fresno gypsum in agriculture is the need of the hour and one of the environment-friendly practices to prevent water contamination. Using our organic Fresno gypsum in agriculture helps modify soil quality economically while restricting the toxic water run-offs.

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