Colorado Springs Gypsum for Sale


At EcoGEM®, our gypsum for sale in Colorado Springs, CO, and the surrounding communities comes in various sizes and forms to meet your unique application needs. Our Colorado Springs gypsum for sale provides sulfur and calcium for your soil to make it healthier.

Our Colorado Springs gypsum for sale can be applied directly to the ground surface. You can apply your Colorado Springs gypsum for sale mixed with fertilizer or a damp lime spreader.

The soluble calcium allows air and water movement in the soil, which gives healthy crops. Need to get soil tests? We can help you with these solutions and more:

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Colorado Springs Agricultural Gypsum


Colorado Springs agricultural gypsum or calcium sulphate is one of the earliest forms of fertilizer that has been applied to soils in the country for centuries.

The calcium in the Colorado Springs agricultural gypsum improves the structure of soil, and refining its aeration and drainage. The calcium in the Colorado Springs agricultural gypsum then results in increased infiltration, reduces soil surface crusting and improves seedling emergence.

Colorado Springs agricultural gypsum also helps break up compacted soil critical for decreasing nitrogen loss to the atmosphere. Our agriculture experts can help you with these solutions:

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Colorado Springs Gypsum


Colorado Springs gypsum can improve overall plant growth. Colorado Springs gypsum can also improve the physical and chemical properties of soils, thus reducing erosion losses of soils and nutrient concentrations in surface water runoff.

The multiple uses of Colorado Springs gypsum show potential benefits to agricultural and horticultural users. However, Colorado Springs gypsum should be used appropriately to mitigate negative environmental impacts and enhance crop production.

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