Phoenix Soil Remediation


Are you looking for the best soil and groundwater remediation methods? Soil vapor extraction or contaminated soil removal are some of the known techniques but when you want results that delivers permanent solutions, these do not suffice.

We at EcoGEM are dedicated to solving the global crisis of soil contamination by providing our organic gypsum products. Therefore, when you want proven and complete contaminated soil remediation solutions in the Phoenix, AZ area, look no further than us. Our gypsum land remediation products work gradually but effectively which benefits landowners by:

  • Repairing damaged soils
  • Improving soil structure
  • Increasing crop yields

Let us help you initiate the process of restoring soil health to your agricultural lands. Contact our experts today and learn about our contaminated soil remediation products in the Phoenix area.

Phoenix Land Remediation


It is well known that better soil on the land leads to better yields. However, with the growing soil pollution, productivity has decreased while the demand keeps on increasing. This has led to excessive dependence on synthetic fertilizers thus leading to soil pollution.

Some of the other factors that result in contamination of soil include:

  • Industrial waste dumping
  • Deforestation
  • Garbage pollution

Land remediation is a necessity and it can no longer be ignored. We have understood this which is why we have engineered the best organic land remediation gypsum products that make a serious impact. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our land remediation solution for Phoenix area property owners.

Phoenix Contaminated Soil Remediation


You must be wondering why our gypsum products work the best when it comes to contaminated soil remediation. Not only do our products increase the yield, but they also ensure the soil restores to a healthy state, is enriched with necessary minerals and requires less irrigation water.

In addition to this, our gypsum products are known to remove the toxins from the contaminated soil. Choosing us for your supply of contaminated soil remediation products in the Phoenix area is the correct choice as we:

  • Provide access to soil agronomists
  • Have years of rich experience
  • Supply products locally, nationally and worldwide
  • Offer impeccable customer service

Let us worry about the contaminated soil remediation solution while you focus on implementing them on your land for the best results. We are committed to the treatment of contaminated soil so we can fight the global crisis of soil pollution in a healthy manner.

Call EcoGEM at (303) 500-6944 to learn more about our land remediation solutions in Phoenix or nearby areas.