Lakewood Soil Health


Failing soil health on Lakewood, CO properties is a major concern for many people in this area. These include small farmers, commercial growers, landscapers, and gardeners. While modern agricultural practices including use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides initially results in boosted yield, its after-effects soon surface in the form of Lakewood soil health deterioration.

The alarming condition with regard to environmental degradation and food shortage has alerted people to the dire need for improving soil health Lakewood. At EcoGEM®, we help with the efforts towards soil remediation by providing pure, organic products for making soil health better–Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, commonly called agricultural gypsum.

Application of the gypsum helps boost Lakewood soil health in several ways. Over time, it results in these benefits:

  • Improved soil composition
  • Reduced soil crusting
  • Better soil fertility
  • Decreased soil erosion

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Lakewood Agricultural Gypsum


We assure our customers of top-quality agricultural gypsum Lakewood products. There are a number of synthetic materials and low-grade Calcium Sulfate Anhydrite products on the market that are not actually useful in restoring soil health.

People who want the assurance of putting their money in effective Lakewood agricultural gypsum products should get in touch with us. We are worldwide suppliers of OMRI-listed agricultural gypsum Lakewood that can be used in farms, gardens, and grazing grounds to create healthier soils.

We work with expert soil agronomists to put high-grade Lakewood agricultural gypsum products in domestic and international markets. We have also invested in world-class logistics capabilities.

Give us a call today to learn more about our products:

  • Organic soil conditioner
  • Gypsum soil amendment
  • Natural soil enhancer
  • Non-chemical soil enricher

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Lakewood Soil Remediation


With gypsum, we offer one of the most economical options for soil remediation Lakewood. Though use of agricultural gypsum is not new among farmers and gardeners, not many of them are aware exactly how it brings about Lakewood soil remediation and amendment.

Sustained use of our gypsum tends to increase availability of calcium, sulfur, nitrogen and phosphorous in the soil. It helps in soil remediation Lakewood also by improving water absorption and drainage, together with softening and deepening the root zone.

Look no further than us for the ideal solutions for Lakewood soil remediation. Get ready to enjoy abundant crops or a thriving lawn after using our agricultural grade gypsum for the following:

  • Soil improvement
  • Soil decontamination
  • Land remediation
  • Contaminated soil treatment

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