Aurora Lawn and Garden


Need high quality lawn and garden gypsum in Aurora, CO or its nearby areas? We have got you covered. EcoGEM® takes great pride in offering pure, organic Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate or gypsum for your lawn and garden in Aurora.

We have all-natural, OMRI listed gypsum that provides tremendous benefit to lawn and garden in Aurora. Our lawn and garden gypsum is a great product for:

  • Flower bed maintenance
  • Vegetable garden care
  • Grass garden care
  • Total garden care

We have many years of experience supplying lawn and garden gypsum in the Aurora area. We have bulk lawn and garden gypsum for sale, so no matter what quantity of gypsum you require, we can ship it to your location in Aurora.

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Aurora Garden Maintenance


Our garden maintenance gypsum for Aurora clients is a cost-effective solution to reducing soil compaction by adding essential nutrients including calcium. Our garden maintenance gypsum also enhances water penetration and drainage and removes salt and toxins from the soil.

So if you are looking for organic, pure garden maintenance gypsum in Aurora or its surrounding area, look no further. Our gypsum soil amendments are ideal for:

  • All seasons garden maintenance
  • Raised garden bed soil maintenance
  • Lawn and yard maintenance
  • Complete garden care

Have queries? No problem! We have expert soil agronomists on staff, available to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the use of gypsum in garden maintenance in Aurora. We look forward to helping you!

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Aurora Lawn Care


We are a premier supplier of lawn care gypsum serving Aurora and its surrounding areas. We offer high quality, reasonably priced lawn care gypsum to clients in Aurora and beyond.If your garden has hard and compacted soil, it is almost impossible to grow much of anything.

If you are struggling with compacted soil, it is time to add lawn care gypsum in your Aurora garden. Gypsum helps to break up compaction, allowing for new plant growth. We offer gypsum soil amendments for:

  • Landscape garden lawn care
  • Lawn and yard care
  • Home garden maintenance
  • Complete garden maintenance

If you think that you have soil that could benefit from lawn care gypsum in Aurora, contact us. We have top-of-the-line gypsum that you need for a healthy and thriving lawn.

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